Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sun-eyed Girl

Because I am a Mormon, and Sundays are our day off from partying, my Halloween was Saturday this year.
And party we did.
"We" being J-Marsh and myself.
I'm going to start off by apologizing right now if this post comes across as severely melodramatic. Marsha and I are watching "Invictus" as I type and there's something about Morgan Freeman with a South African accent that is making me feel like its my personal responsibility to salvage all that is good in the world.
I'll tell you something I didn't salvage...

We started off the night with a delicious dinner, which I burned.
We then re-started the night with a better delicious dinner, which I did NOT burn, after which we changed into our costumes:
I know, I know, I always claim I'm not a real girly kind of girl. But somehow, to me, a giant flower in scrubs and a tank top from the kids section of Savers just didn't feel too girly to me. Also, look at the picture. Not exactly feminine grace.
Next on the list, naturally, was a good old Straight Monday show.

Question: If you were going to imagine the Prince of Russia, what would you imagine?
Answer: This. ^^^

Question: If you were going to imagine two Harlem Globetrotters, what would you imagine?
Answer: When I got home I had brown paint all over my arms from the sweat of these two. Gross.

We finished off the night with some delicious pumpkin cake and cocoa motion at my friend Bryce's apartment, and then "The Birds" at Tracy's boyfriend Kyle's house.

Quick Review of "The Birds": Worst. Ending. Ever. following a close-up of some guy's eyes eaten out. But in a weird way I kind of liked it.

Happy Halloween!


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