Monday, December 31, 2012

Striking Back

It is 1:44 a.m. California time and I am contemplating starting to blog again. 

I am here with my second family (the Nesers) watching the second (I mean sixth?) Star Wars, finishing up a long Sunday that began when we all woke up this morning on the floor of a crowded living room, realized that a pipe in the laundromat of the apartment complex had broken destroying any chance we had at hot water for the morning, and collectively decided that this was grounds enough to stay home from church. 

No hot water = No shower = We're not amused, Sunday. 

SO, instead of being righteous we slept in until 12:30 and then watched this talk to ease our consciences. 

It happens to be the perfect talk to listen to on the last day of the year so I thought I would recommend it to all of you. 

Part of it talks about how we should get off the computer and spend more face to face time with the people we love so it is at least a little bit ironic that I am blogging about it. Jokes on you though. You're also on the internet reading this post. 

We both have some things to work on. 

And speaking of face to face time, there is one person who I will be getting a whole lot less of that with . 

Her name is Aly and this is me crying all my tears because she is moving to Iowa and because we said goodbye yesterday and also because I wear that shirt every third day and that is really starting to become apparent to anyone who follows me on any form of social media: 

She has been there for every bit of my college highs and lows (mostly lows, if we're talking dating, mostly highs if we're talking how many times I set the record for consistently eating chicken sandwiches as my main form of sustenance). 

I could possibly write the longest and cheesiest post ever written about how Aly is the kindest, best, sweetest, wittiest, funniest person on this earth but Vader has just threatened to carbon-freeze Han Solo so I really should get back to the movie. 

That and I might cry more. 

I love her. 

If you meet her, you should do your best to be her best friend. You will really like it. 

I sure did. 

Love, Katie

P.s.- I like her husband (I guess) and her baby too. I will miss you guys!