Sunday, February 12, 2012


It's like...I still exist, you know? Just because I haven't blogged much, I'm still around. 
Who knew? 
A quick update of the last month or so: 

#1: We took our engagement pictures! One of my closest friends Tracy Hill ( took them for us and she did an INCREDIBLE job.


There is a lot more where these came from. These were just some of my favorites.

The rest of the month goes something like this:
- wedding plans
- grad school
- five intramural sports
- teaching freshman english
- craft stores
- urgent care (3x) for the fiance
- relief society stuff
- family

And this week, it is this: the flu.

Influenza, if you will, (and apparently I will) is such a life/fun sucker.
Seriously, all I want to do is throw up on someone I don't like, get this out of my system, and go play in my intramural soccer game.

And, being sick and irrational, I am of the mindset that when it comes down to it, everyone should just get to do what they want.
Except for maybe M.I.A. because that is weird.
Or him:

Because he's mean.

Speaking of celebrities, I was sad to hear about Whitney Houston.
If you know me you know that I know absolutely nothing about celebrities,
but I can't say I don't love the scene in the politically correct version of Cinderella (an asian prince with a white dad and a Whoopie Goldberg mom??) when she flies on a cloud of sparkles next to Cinderella's carriage in order to convey the message that nothing is impossible.

I'm fairly certain my exact thought as a child was, "If Whitney can sparkle-fly, I know that I can one day have a Hairagami snap-bracelet braid-bun."

So inspiring.

Or, at least she has a beautiful voice.

Happy Sunday.