Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Missing Germany allllll week.

Walking across campus today I ran into a friend I haven't seen in about six months and...SURPRISE! She was severely pregnant.

I feel weird about this for two reasons:

#1. Because the last time I saw her she was a regular old girl running around campus wearing spandex as pants based on her own free will.

This time around she is wearing spandex out of force because that's all that is conducive to her newly chosen profession of human-growing.

(Speaking of spandex, read this. My friend Bryce is a smart boy and I like what he has to say.)

#2. The last time I saw her she could have also been pregnant, and I just didn't know it.

I don't like that idea.

If there is going to be another person participating in our conversation I would like to be informed. Even if it is a weird alien inside of her stomach.

NEXT. Tracy opened my cupboard the other day and asked me if I still planned on eating my potatoes.

"Yes," I said.

"No," she said.

I thought we could just cut off the bad parts and eat the rest. Tracy said no again.

I've got to start eating more food faster so it doesn't go bad.

Fun Fact: Before you smell the conditioner you want to buy at the store, keep in mind that they probably changed altitude on the truck ride over and there is some definite air pressure in there waiting to get out.

I didn't even want to buy that conditioner but seeing as how half of it ended up on my top lip, I felt guilty not making the purchase. The other night at work a Dad showed up at my game and asked if I could watch his kids while he played. I told him that my boss doesn't want us to babysit because he is actually paying me to do work (crazy), so he came up with his own solution using the mini-goals on the sideline. I didn't know if I should laugh really hard or call child services, so instead I just took a picture and blogged about it. Another funny story from work the other night: A woman on the sideline was trying to get her baby to stop screaming so she could watch her husband play. She started to quietly sing to him what was happening on the field to keep him distracted. "And now the man has the ball, and he passes it to the other man..." she was singing as I walked by. As I was walking away I heard her say, "...and now the skinny girl has the ball...but she can't do anything with it because she's just a stupid skinny girl..." hahaha.

On a final note, I'd just like to give a shout out to my wonderful Grandpa Wade. Today is his birthday, and after how much he does for others, he deserves it to be the best day ever. Love you Grandpa!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Elevator Etiquette

I am going to post reallll soon about my California trip.
Because I know everyone wants to hear about it.

Today I found myself on the 5th floor of the library, needing to go all the way down to the 1st.
Naturally, I opted to take the elevator and as I stood waiting, three more people walked up behind me.
When the elevator finally showed up I felt so smug asking each person which floor they needed. Two girls to the third floor and a boy going just one floor down.
Traveling the farthest on the elevator meant I was the least lazy and (I'm sure) everyone was jealous of me.
Yes, I make everything a competition.

Which brings me to my next point:

I have some funny elevator stories in the library elevator.

Story#1: I get on the elevator one morning at the third floor. A boy got in behind me. I asked him which floor.

Boy: "Third"

Me: "uh...." (we're on the third floor)

Boy: (looking flustered) "Uh...fifth! Uh...fourth! Ah I don't know, I'm just riding the elevator!!"

I got off the elevator at the next floor and ran away.

Story #2: (**Disclaimer-this specific elevator is way smaller than all the other ones)

I was a sophomore and new to the library. (Freshman year I was unaware that library or homework existed) I walked over to the elevator, pushed the button, the doors opened.

Already inside the elevator were two very obese girls (I just sat here for a while trying to think of a more polite way to put that. But for the sake of the story, it had to be said.)

I walk inside. The doors close.

I thought to myself that this elevator was smaller than most.

Then I said out loud, "Man, this elevator sure feels small doesn't it??"

Both girls sat on me. (Okay, fine, they didn't, but they looked like they wanted to.)

Lessons I have learned in the small elevator at the HBLL:

1. Do not make small talk in such an enclosed space where no one can hear you scream.

2. Don't ask over-stressed students where they are going next.

3. I was the winner of today's elevator competition.

4. Take the stairs.

Happy Monday!



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Which seat can I take?

I have to take a test today at 5:30 that involves serious amounts of memorization.To put off studying I'm wasting time by doing things like not waking up, and now, blogging.
I should have known that planning a weekend trip to a sunny place would destroy my entire week. I have done nothing but think about NOT being in Provo.

And who could express my feelings better than Rebecca Black?
I'm sure most of you are part of the 9,232,000 people who have seen this by now. But if you haven't, take a look, and get excited for the weekend like I am.
Because nothing says the weekend like blue eyeshadow and a friend on your right.

If you are confused and you're not sure why, read this, and rest assured that it's not just you, this video is the worst.
Can't wait to get down on Friday.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Billy.

I have been exremely anxious the past few days.
It's hard to pinpoint or explain on a blog why, especially when my mom reads my blog and I know how she worries. (Calm down mom)

Tonight, I sat down on my bed around 10:50 and just felt so out of sorts that I jumped up, threw on spandex (long spandex. Naturally I was already wearing some form of spandex, just not the running kind) and headed off on a run.

And I ran hard.

Which sounds so stupid and teen angsty when I write it.
Like...oh my gosh. My life is so hard. I'm emotionally distraught. Sarah McLachlan is playing in the background. This is a montage....kind of teen angst.
But it wasn't. It just felt good.

I ran around for a while until I ended up at my favorite Provo thinking spot.
Its one of those large maps of the world they paint onto cement at parks and elementary schools and all the places Miss South Carolina wasn't referring to.
I like that place the best because when Provo is really getting to me, nothing feels better than laying on top of the entire area of northern utah and pretending for a second that I am bigger than all of this.

Eventually I had to get up again, and when I did, I felt a little better.
I ran home, jumped in my car to go pick up a friend from work, turned on the radio to find "Only the Good Die Young" blasting from a local station.
I thought about this time last year when I was in the Energy Solutions Arena (I still want to call it the Delta Center. I don't cope well with change) sitting top row next to my Erin (miss you) listening to Mr. Joel himself belt out those lyrics like he was still young and persuasive.

I rolled down my windows.

I danced.

I sang.

And, despite the song's obvious implications, I felt inspired.
But, less inspired to try and convince a catholic girl to forsake her values, and more inspired to embrace this perfect time in my life.
Honestly, I'm only young once, right? What in the world am I doing wasting it feeling so anxious and worried?
I mean, if I'm still getting inspiration from Billy Joel lyrics I obviously have a while before I grow up, so in the mean time I'm going to slow down and enjoy.

And I'm going to start by heading to California for the weekend to soak in some sun

My happy thought for the day: California sunshine and when Erin and I got to use these tickets to see not only Billy Joel, but Elton John with him.

More happy days to come.



Friday, March 11, 2011

Overheard at BYU

Yes, Overheard at BYU is a real facebook page that I occasionally peruse if I'm especially bored.
Essentially its a site where students comment the funny things said in their classes and on campus that expose BYUers for the peculiar people we know we are.
Sometimes its funny, sometimes its weird.
Overall, I guess its just good that we can laugh at ourselves.
Today I found a good one:

Doug Heath: Someone behind me in class, minutes before the game: "I don't care about basketball. I'm a bit odd."
(response) Michelle Peralta: I'm more than a bit odd, as just about anyone on campus could tell you :)
Recognize the name? See, even Michelle can laugh at herself.
I heard a few good ones myself today. Eavesdropping is a shameful (but rewarding) pastime of mine and I usually write down the best things I hear. Both of these happened on my way to class and added to the extra happiness I felt about the sunshine.

One girl to another, in a serious tone: "He knows me.... He knows my name.... I know that.... And I know that because he knows the name of every girl in show choir."

One boy to another: "There are lots of good people, people who will go to heaven. And then there are good people who sometimes think being good is too hard. These people will go to pie heaven and eat pie all day long. And that, is the place for me."

I swear, I laughed so hard.

To do: Eavesdrop more.



Monday, March 7, 2011

Johnny Cash on a Monday.

I really don't have anything to say I just felt like blogging.
But since I talk more than anyone I know, I'm sure I can think of something.
Here's what I've got:

# 1. My third and final roommate, Tracy, got engaged last week!

Her and her fiance Kyle are the best. I'm pretty sure that if they weren't getting married in the LDS temple, and if I wasn't mormon too, and if they asked, and if I had some sort of cool robes, I would pay $25 to get my online preacher certificate so that I could be the person to marry them.
That's how obsessed I am with them.
You know I'm serious because on my budget, $25 is a fortune.

So, if you've been paying attention, the answer is yes...all three of my roommates are engaged.

And my brother.
And my best friend.

Its going to be a summer of weddings, and I love weddings.
Free food, new dresses, groomsmen...
I'm not complaining.

#2. Jessica Esplin turned 21, making her legal just in time to get married.
In honor of her birthday I made a 12 layer rainbow jello cake.
Other times a 12 layer rainbow jello cake could be useful:
A "spend nine hours making a dessert" party.
But, as always, delicious=worth it.

#3. Esplin and I having a picnic on our living room floor because Provo weather does not agree with our stomachs.

I might be the most impatient person in the world when it comes to waiting for summer. I haven't worn a jacket since December and I've gotten all of my sandals out already.

Hhurrryyyyy ssssummmmmeeeerrrr.

#3. Sisters (almost) at the last BYU home game.

Rachel kept looking in the mirror and wondering why her forehead said "UYB."
I kept looking in the mirror and wondering why my forehead said "LOOC SI EITAK."

#4. Due to the perfect weather this weekend it, of course, had to snow incredibly hard and wet today.
I left class with my standard fluffy mane of hair, and came home looking like a wet dog.
If someone would have told me, when I was thinking about moving to Provo, that there would be a day when I would come home with real pieces of snow in my hair, I would have moved to Hawaii to combat the chills I got just thinking about it.
And now, I take winter like a champ. Just look at that face.
Aside from being a big baby about winter, I had a great weekend.
BYU won.
I played some good hours of soccer.
I got three free meals.
I started a new secret project that will be revealed soon.
And watched a three hour German film.
Life is coming along swimmingly.

Friday, March 4, 2011


This morning I was trying to figure out how many blog posts I have actually written when I realized that I have quite a few drafts I started and then abandoned.
I started reading through some of them and I got quite a kick out of the things I thought I wanted to say to the world.
And now I have posted the full text of them here for you to agree with me.
April 26th, 2010: "I made two dresses today."
(Cool Katie, everyone cares)
June 4, 2010: "I like living in Germany because I can act like an ignorant American when people talk to me who I don't want to talk to.
(I think I'm classier in America.)
August 20th, 2010: "I hate to be labeled with a style and I hate the idea of spending large amounts of money on clothing just to portray a certain image. I believe that fashion is art and clothing is one of the greatest forms of expression because we are allowing our outer appearance to be simultaneously compared to our characters by the world around us."
(This was a day that a boy told me he could tell I was into myself because of the way I dressed. Obviously I thought blogging him wrong was the best answer. I don't think I actually feel this strongly about clothing, but I do feel this strongly about blows to my pride. Thus the fashion testimony.)
August 31st, 2010: "A large petpeeve in my life is..."
(Must not have really bugged me that much)
December 27th, 2010: "Being ultra-conservative does not make you a perfect shot."
(I don't really know where I was going with this but if I were to tag my posts, I would tag this one as "informative." Because now you know.)
January 21st, 2011: The title of this post says: "Life Observations for the Week:"
The actual content of the post is blank.
(I'm really observant.)
February 23rd, 2011: "I am going crazy."
(This was not that long ago.)
I think there was probably a reason these posts were labeled "drafts" but its too late to worry about that now.
Happy Friday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's the big idea?

Today I was in the MOA (Museum of Art) checking out the Carl Bloch exhibit when I got a phone call from my roommate saying that I had received a letter in the mail from the BYU graduate department.
I freaked.
I ran out of there so fast I left my backpack in the coat check room for over an hour before I remembered it.
I ran down the long path from the museum to the front of the WILK where I was meeting my roommate. As if by magic (I did use accio family members), my brother and his fiance Laura were standing right where I had planned to meet Jessica Marshall.

I was incredibly nervous.

I didn't want anyone to watch me open it.
(I am now going to employ a tactic I have come to know well as an english major. Ladies and Gentlemen...the cliffhanger.)

I have been thinking lately about the kind of girl I am, who I want to be.

I sometimes wonder if all writers are as overly-sentimental in their thoughts as I am, or if that is just part of...the kind of girl I am.

Either way, here is what I have come up with:

I'm the kind of girl who loves sleep, but isn't lazy. I hate getting out of bed in the morning, but I'm never grouchy once I do.

I'm the kind of girl who attempted to stay awake through a migraine, a high fever, and an overdose of sleep medication on Saturday because Space Jam came on TV.

I'm the kind of girl who, instead of vacuuming my car, will get an oil change so that jiffy lube will do it for me.

I'm the kind of girl who has carted a cracked computer through six countries and nearly four semesters because getting another one would involve admitting that I know as much about computers as Brandon Davies knows about not getting kicked off the #3 team in the nation.

I'm the kind of girl who went to physical science three times the entire semester because it came before 10 a.m. and somehow passed with a decent B-.

I'm the kind of girl who doesn't pronounce syllables on the end of my words (mornin') unless someone asks me to try and sound black/gangster, in which case I don't miss a syllable because I'm such a little white girl. (FI-ft-EE Cent)

I'm the kind of girl who always wishes I was the kind of girl who wasn't such a little white girl. (I've spent a lot of time thinking about this lately. I think my main give-away is my inability to produce a decent body roll on the dance floor.)

I'm the kind of girl who knows exactly what I want from life. (If we are, by chance, discussing boys, please believe the opposite.)

I'm the kind of girl who has a religion.

I'm the kind of girl who loves to read and write, but realizes how out of place she sometimes is when she hears her creative writing professor ask if "anyone has heard of the new thing called Fantasy Football?"

I'm the kind of girl who eats six meals a day, all after four o'clock.
I'm the kind of girl who spends Friday nights alone because I want to (right guys? right?), wears flowers in my hair, loses or breaks everything I own, loves my family, has a sports obession, lives and breathes for good music, and eats my vegetables.

And, as of today, I am the kind of girl who attends Brigham Young University as a graduate student.

I couldn't feel luckier.

The main comment I keep getting is people saying "Oh that's so great! You have a direction in your life now!" I guess I wasn't aware that I was supposed to feel so directionless before.

I haven't really been worried.
I'm usually not when it comes to the future.

(As opposed to my younger sister Rachel who would have a hard time deciding if she should invest in over-the-counter drugs during the tylenol scare of the 80's. Love you Rach.)

Here's a secret for you: I only applied to one school.
BOTH times I applied to college. (After high school and now)
Stupid? Probably.

But like I said, I just know what I want.
Boy was I relieved with this one though.
The idea of getting a real adult job was giving me the heebie-jeebies.
School 4 Life.