Monday, March 21, 2011

Elevator Etiquette

I am going to post reallll soon about my California trip.
Because I know everyone wants to hear about it.

Today I found myself on the 5th floor of the library, needing to go all the way down to the 1st.
Naturally, I opted to take the elevator and as I stood waiting, three more people walked up behind me.
When the elevator finally showed up I felt so smug asking each person which floor they needed. Two girls to the third floor and a boy going just one floor down.
Traveling the farthest on the elevator meant I was the least lazy and (I'm sure) everyone was jealous of me.
Yes, I make everything a competition.

Which brings me to my next point:

I have some funny elevator stories in the library elevator.

Story#1: I get on the elevator one morning at the third floor. A boy got in behind me. I asked him which floor.

Boy: "Third"

Me: "uh...." (we're on the third floor)

Boy: (looking flustered) "Uh...fifth! Uh...fourth! Ah I don't know, I'm just riding the elevator!!"

I got off the elevator at the next floor and ran away.

Story #2: (**Disclaimer-this specific elevator is way smaller than all the other ones)

I was a sophomore and new to the library. (Freshman year I was unaware that library or homework existed) I walked over to the elevator, pushed the button, the doors opened.

Already inside the elevator were two very obese girls (I just sat here for a while trying to think of a more polite way to put that. But for the sake of the story, it had to be said.)

I walk inside. The doors close.

I thought to myself that this elevator was smaller than most.

Then I said out loud, "Man, this elevator sure feels small doesn't it??"

Both girls sat on me. (Okay, fine, they didn't, but they looked like they wanted to.)

Lessons I have learned in the small elevator at the HBLL:

1. Do not make small talk in such an enclosed space where no one can hear you scream.

2. Don't ask over-stressed students where they are going next.

3. I was the winner of today's elevator competition.

4. Take the stairs.

Happy Monday!



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