Monday, April 16, 2012


A few weeks ago Broc said to me "Katie, what are your goals for your blog?" 
And I said..."I can't hear you. The blender is going."
And then he said, "I said, what are your goals for your blog?"
And I said, "What??" 
Except this time the blender wasn't going, it was just one of those times where you say "what" even though you did hear them because you want a second to think about your answer. 
And then he said, "You have to have blog goals. of your goals could be having people read it." 

At this point I still hadn't had enough time to think about my answer so I just said "WHAT?" again and he rolled his eyes and moved one. 
Only NOW I have had enough time to think about it (meaning finals are over and my brain is now down to only one major life project, which is planning a wedding. Piece a' cake!) 
Anyways, I have made a list of blog goals.
Because Broc said I should have them.

And Broc has a wife who is having a baby, so I bet he knows about stuff. 

Katie's Blog Goals & Other Important Life Commentary: 

#1. Have people NOT think I want them to know every detail of my life. Or that I want to say cheesy/profound things. I know that is the major goal of some people's blogs.
I just want to talk about crap. That is seriously it.
#2. NOT have this turn into my married blog where I post pictures of the time me and my husband and all of our friends had a crazzzzaayyy parrrtaaayyy where we all decorated leprechaun cookies for St. Patrick's Day and drank out of little green and white stripped straws that get all bendy when you drink out of them because they are cardboard, but they do look good on my blog.
And we recycled them.
#3. NOT be so worried about writing on my blog that I forget to live my life.
#4. I know people/bloggers who fall into all 4 of these categories. If you are confused what I mean, the categories are as follows:
A. People who share way too much personal info on their blog/love their husbands
B. People who baked the Leprechaun cookies
C. People who blog every day even when they have three papers to write and are being audited for failure to pay taxes but they haven't had time to worry about that yet because they need to blog about it first (see A)
D. People who eat the cookies, leave the party, and fall asleep face down on the couch before they have a chance to blog about how frustrating those cardboard straws are. 

I'd like to consider myself a "D." Although the kinder point I have been trying to make for a few paragraphs now that I have yet to get to is this: The A's, B's and C's are much more interesting to read than whatever crap I put on my blog. I just choose to define my major blog goals based on NOT being them.

Except for just this once I'm going to be a little bit 'A' and say that I get married in THIRTEEN DAYS.
You've got to be kidding me.
Who wouldn't be excited to marry this darling boy?
Why yes...this is a sneak peak into our bridals. (Though notice how I picked one of just our faces?)
Stay tuned for more.
Though probably not until AFTER the wedding.
Blogging any time between now and then would most definitely make me a 'C."

And we can't have that.