Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Breaking.

Just now, laying on my couch stressing about a thousand tiny wedding things that really don't matter at all, staying up well past midnight for the billionth time in a row looking at vintage straws and yarn banners, leaving my fiance on the floor to watch Bewitched alone...
...he leans up, taps me on the shoulder and whispers "I want to be with you," smiles like a schoolboy, and lays back down.
Who am I kidding? 
I could have no straws and really ugly yarn banners and I'd be the happiest girl in the world if I get to marry that boy. (Though I won't compromise on the gold cake. A girl's got priorities.)

Today was fun and spiritual. 
This may, in part, derive from the fact that Cj and I have set a goal to do one fun thing and one spiritual thing a day. 
We don't necessarily define spiritual as a "read-your-scriptures" or "pray-for-an-hour-together" kind of thing, though both those things are nice (and long.) 
Today our spiritual activity was to drive around and look at the lights and talk about how we love Christmas. 
Try and tell me Christmas lights aren't good for the spirit and I will spiritually hit you in the face with one of those christmas-light-reindeer things (which I guess would be more like literally hitting you in the face.) 

It's pathetic really how quickly I can go from discussing nice things to violent things in a matter of lines. But seriously, I really like Christmas lights.

Our "fun" activity for the day was going to The Egg and I for breakfast and holding hands while we ate ranch potatoes and then telling each other how much we love each other over orange juice, after which we had one minute of uninterrupted eye contact. 
Have you thrown up in your mouth yet? 
We really didn't do those things. I just never blog about very personal things and thought I would give it a try. It seems to me that a lot of bloggers like it.
I tend to think love, when displayed publicly, is a little embarrassing which is why I chose to beat Cj at "Just Dance" tonight by over 4,000 points per song in front of all of our friends.
I sure showed him.

As a final note, my sister Rachel is hilarious. 
Two conversations she had today:

Rachel: Mom, I need to mail these letters to my roommates but I don't know how many stamps to put on them. 
Mom: Just take them to the post office. 
Rachel: No, Mom, you can't do that anymore. You can only put them in the mailbox. 
Mom: No sweetheart, they don't close until five. 
Rachel: No, Mom, the Post Office went bankrupt. You can't mail letters through them anymore. They shut down. 

I'm fairly certain up until this point she thought the mail fairy took letters out of the mailbox. 

(Later today while watching The Biggest Loser finale we had recorded...) 

Rachel: I bet they have to go to the bathroom a ton since they are losing so much weight. 
Me: Uh...why? Since they drink a lot of water?
Rachel: Oh no, Katie, that's how the fat gets out of you. You kill the fat cells and then your body just takes them right out with everything else. 

Haha We'll keep her around. 

In the mean time, the hunt for my dress is going miserably. Suggestions are welcome. 
Merry almost Christmas.