Friday, March 11, 2011

Overheard at BYU

Yes, Overheard at BYU is a real facebook page that I occasionally peruse if I'm especially bored.
Essentially its a site where students comment the funny things said in their classes and on campus that expose BYUers for the peculiar people we know we are.
Sometimes its funny, sometimes its weird.
Overall, I guess its just good that we can laugh at ourselves.
Today I found a good one:

Doug Heath: Someone behind me in class, minutes before the game: "I don't care about basketball. I'm a bit odd."
(response) Michelle Peralta: I'm more than a bit odd, as just about anyone on campus could tell you :)
Recognize the name? See, even Michelle can laugh at herself.
I heard a few good ones myself today. Eavesdropping is a shameful (but rewarding) pastime of mine and I usually write down the best things I hear. Both of these happened on my way to class and added to the extra happiness I felt about the sunshine.

One girl to another, in a serious tone: "He knows me.... He knows my name.... I know that.... And I know that because he knows the name of every girl in show choir."

One boy to another: "There are lots of good people, people who will go to heaven. And then there are good people who sometimes think being good is too hard. These people will go to pie heaven and eat pie all day long. And that, is the place for me."

I swear, I laughed so hard.

To do: Eavesdrop more.



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