Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30 Snow Moms

I have been ending my days with an episode of 30 Rock.
It gives me something to look forward to throughout the day and is my way of saying to myself
"Congrats! You made it! Have twenty-one minutes of hilarious television!"

The episode I watch at night is very different from the one I watch when I wake up in the morning that says "Congrats! You're out of cereal and you forgot to go shopping again last night!" Or the one I watch before work that says "Congrats! You have nothing better to do between homework and work than hang out with your fake friend Tina Fey!"

Slowly but surely 30 Rock is filling all major voids in my life.

And speaking of unbearably endless voids...winter seems to have arrived.
Last night Provo saw its first snow of the season. I also saw my first snow of the season but it was a little more blurry looking at it through tears of disgust.
As a former life-long resident of sunny St. George the snow is something that does nothing less than ruin my life.

Exhibit A: My roommates and I, last year after one of the first snows of the season.

We are not smiling. We were not happy.

The only good part about the snow this time was that I woke up to a big can of Stephen's hot chocolate on my front porch and a very nice note from my friend Jourdan Smith giving his winter condolences.

How sweet is that? Even though I'm quite upset about the snow still, it did make me feel a little bit warmer and quite a bit happier.

And speaking of people I love...

my mom sent the funniest text to Jordan, Rachel and I the other day.

Every year on the monday before Halloween my family decorates Halloween cookies and takes them to all the neighbors. I know for most families, this is a Christmas tradition, but my family has never been very conventional so for us, Halloween is cookie time.

Seeing as how Halloween is this weekend, last monday was "the monday" and as I was sitting in my bed that evening doing homework (watching 30 Rock) I got this text:

"First one to text the correct answer to this question gets $20 in their bank account: What do we always do for FHE the last Monday of October?"

Now, being the kind of girl who lives by her phone, I obviously won, responding with "COOKIES!" within .8 seconds. I just wish that all my tests here at school had such easy questions, produced the same reward, and were based on me being a really fast texter.

What a cute mom I have.

My bank account agrees.



  1. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW. You barely beat me. So mom decided to put money in my bank account as well. she said our texts came one after the other. While I texted here I was thinking "there is no way that Katie or Jordan could beat this speed". Poo on you for being just as big of a texting junkie as I am.

  2. katie, i'm thrilled to see that you finally accepted 30 rock as great television. now about arrested development...

  3. fyi modern family is JUST AS FUNNY AS 30 ROCK! and i'm serious about that.

    and how darling of your mom...i'm going to do that when i'm a mom. cute.