Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ich bin Krank.

For all you non-deutsch speakers that title means "I am sick."
Which I am.
This usually happens at the beginning of every summer and the beginning of every fall, I get sick with the season changes, providing yet another example of how incredibly poor I am at handling change.

I have also spent the week missing Germany.

I think the main logic behind this is that living in another country automatically makes whatever problems are happening over here more a funny joke than anything.
I distinctly remember sitting on my bed in my apartment in downtown Berlin and getting on facebook to read messages of drama and problems from home and just...laughing.
That's way rude.
I should never admit that on my blog.
But, if anyone is offended by that I hope you will take a minute and think about how enticing it sounds to be buried in a large city in another country and just laughing at all of life's problems.

(This was my bed in Berlin. I promise it wasn't usually this messy, this is just from me packing up. If anyone from BYU computer rentals is reading I did not take a school issued computer all the way to Europe with me. uh....)

I think the best day of all of them was the day Nick and I went to Wansee and spent the day on the beach. Almost all of our friends had left for the weekend and we didn't really tell anyone else our plans. Laying on one of the prettiest beaches I've ever been to, soaking in the warm sun and the quiet that comes from not being in a city, in a corner of the world where nobody knows where you are so nobody can come to bother you...

...Leaving the country is definitely not the solution, but boy did it feel like it.

Take me back.


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