Sunday, October 10, 2010

Katie's Fun Facts for the Day:

1. I feel really uncomfortable around mascots of any kind. I don't like the idea that any old person could be running around high-fiving the fans or promoting tooth care like this guy in the picture. I just don't imagine too many nice and normal people willing to spend their afternoons in a sweaty suit dragging around little children and performing stunts on command. My default hypothesis is that Wanda Barzee is in the suit just waiting until nobody's watching so she can snatch me up and take me home to good old Brian David. My other guess is that there is a kidnapped teenage girl in there with her mouth duct taped shut doing all those weird flips and stuff as a secret signal to set her free. Which do I pick? Do I rip the head off and release the poor girl to her freedom, or do I wrestle the thing to the ground and call the police to let them know those two crazies have escaped?
I usually choose to avoid the whole situation entirely in order to bypass the moral dilemma.
(which is why I look so uncomfortable in this picture)
2. My brother plays keyboard for a cover band called "Straight Monday" (this as opposed to gay tuesday). This is him playing at their Katie Perry cover party. I just thought you should know that while I hate Katie Perry, I willingly went to this party in support of my brother. Let this be a lesson to you kids, that sacrifices must be made in the name of family. Yes, yes, even when it involves Katie Perry music. 3. I am currently conducting a week-long experiment during which I am listening only to instrumental and/or religious music, not watching TV or movies, and staying away from facebook. It's not like I think music, TV, movies or facebook are bad things, by any means. I just want to see if I notice a difference in my life by removing the ideas of the media, hollywood, musicians and my peers who I am less connected to and just focusing on what I see as important and wholesome in my life. I am going to attempt to switch my focus to the people around me and what they need. You are welcome to join me or even start your own week-long quest. If you do, I'd like to hear about it.

4. I am currently writing this post from my secret spot in the HBLL. This is my fourth year at this university and I have yet to be discovered. This is not a challenge to come find me. In fact, please don't, I need my quiet to study for the huge Shakespeare test I have to take by 10 p.m. tonight. However, being down here DOES remind me of a funny story:
It was my sophomore year in college and I had an hour break between classes so I decided to head to my secret spot to take a quick power-nap. I got to my spot, spread out with my head on my backpack and my jacket as a blanket, set my alarm on my phone and fell asleep (I can sleep anywhere, at any time.) I woke up a little groggy and started to pack up when I suddenly realized that there was a boy sleeping next to me! And I'm not talking about in the same general area. There literally was about three feet TOPS between us. This didn't seem as weird as it really should have to me until about ten minutes later when I was fully awake and it dawned on me that I had just spent the last hour sleeping next to some strange man in a secluded corner of the library. I shrugged it off mostly because there was nothing I could do about it then, but I avoided napping there for the next few weeks.

Weirder things have happened? Probably not.


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  1. It was not "our" Katy Perry party. It was A Katy Perry party at which our cover band happened to play. We do not want to be known as a Katy Perry cover band.