Sunday, October 24, 2010

What. A. Weekend.

Geez Louise. I had a great weekend.
Friday night my family got into town just in time to watch the first favorite child (Jordan) play in his flag football game. Rachel (fifth favorite child) had a co-ed basketball game at the same time but after I explained to her birthrights, attractiveness levels, etc. she understood the decision that was made.
The good part for me was that Jordan's game was played on the field I was supervising so I conveniently got to politely ask my mother and little brother to return to the white box designated for fans every time they stepped out of it.
Telling your mom what to do.
What a power trip.
Good thing I have a sweet enough mother that she puts up with me, even when I get a kick out of things like that.
After work I headed to yet another Straight Monday show.

(Straight Monday, as pictured below laughing candidly. Not faking it.)

What made this show unique was that my little brother Eli was in town to attend it.
Fun fact about me: I am obsessed with dancing. Obsessed.
Surprising fact about Eli: He is too.
Who knew? He's only 13.
Shoot, when I was 13 I felt about as comfortable with dancing as I felt watching that kid on Matilda eat the whole sweaty chocolate cake.
Both made me feel a little queasy.
But not Eli. He even went as far as to jump in the middle of a dance circle and go crazy.
What a star.
I miss him already.
(this picture SCREAMS thirteen)
Saturday morning was family visits and a football game.
It was so nice to see my cougs win again. I'm no fairweather fan (Ironically enough it was pouring rain during the game and we still went. That should be proof.) but its hard to watch your team have an off season.
For the record though, in case Jake Heaps gets waaay better and is one of the best QB's to come out of college football, he has always been my boy.
I have said that from game one and I'm sticking to it.
Just in case.
I have a sense for these kind of things.

(Marsha and I at the game)
Saturday Night was my friend Casey Goodman's Birthday Party.
So, naturally, we made pumpkin helmets and played football in them.
And by we, I mean the boys played football.
But I watched, photographed, and laughed my head off.
Don't try and tell me this picture isn't the best thing ever.

I won't believe you.



  1. You have such a skill for storytelling. Glad your weekend was so fun!

  2. To set the record straight.....I don't have favorite are all my favorite...really! When I talked to Rachel about coming up she suggested that we go to Jordan's game because he is a senior. We would have split up and each gone to one if she hadn't suggested it. As it turned out, the team they were playing forfeited and they didn't play anyway. If I had known the rules I would never have stepped out of the white box....who ever wants to be chastised by their kids?!?

  3. lovee your pink beanie there katie.