Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have spent the past two days obsessively following an online debate between over 50,000 people concerning a rather prominent issue in our country at the moment.
It took me hours and hours of reading comments and resisting harsh responses to realize how absurd the whole thing was. Even after hundreds of thousands of comments, we weren't getting anywhere, and we probably never will if we keep going about it that way.

It reminds me of how silly conversations on Youtube videos are.
Have you ever been watching the most ridiculous or random video and you scroll down to find that there is a 157-comment-argument ensuing over whether or not the weird singing girl in the video could make it big if she got rid of her pigtails and stopped wearing that cat sweater?

(visual aid: your aunt in a cat sweater.)
And the people are legitimately outraged about it.
I always wonder what kind of people have that kind of time, to sit around and rage over animal themed cardigans.

A funny example is a video my brother made with his friends their freshman year in the dorms.
It is an air band cover of "More Than A Feeling."

If you know anything about these boys, or just general social norms, this video was obviously meant to be a good joke.


Not only does this goofy video currently have 13,546 views...
...but there are legitimate arguments ensuing in the commentary.

Here are a few of my favorites (edited for content. Yes, someone took an air band video seriously enough to include "content"):

"This sucked ********. Absolutely pathetic. Go learn how to play real instruments instead of making yourselves look like *************."

"seriously, am i the only one who thinks people look stupid doing this? how about learning to actually play?"

Then there is some constructive criticism:

"singer is pretty good, drums good too, but bass and guitar could relaly do a better job... feel the song guys"

And the good news is there is also these precious comments:

"This is Awesome!! Me and a few friends are trying to put an air band together to perform in our high school talent show. We would greatly appreciate it if you could give us any pointers on making it look more realistic. Thanks."

"Don't let the negative comments get you down. It's hard out there. As a fellow air-bander, I know. You guys look great."

The lesson I learned today: Arguing major issues on the internet can directly lead to arguing over air-band covers of Boston songs, which can directly lead to being the girl with the pigtails and the cat sweater.

I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.


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