Thursday, October 21, 2010

I really don't have time for this. You're welcome.

Thursday is the new Friday.
Once I finish my long block of classes Thursday afternoon and get off work, the weekend is on.

Today's Thursday ( was interesting enough that I am more than ready for the weekend.

The first part was my own fault.

I wore mustard yellow tights to school.


I sure didn't think I looked like a freak, but every person walking past me did. I'm really not that mad about it though. How I dress is never really a concern for me. Except for when it comes to first dates, THEN I get really stressed. It's so hard to find a good balance between "I dressed down a little bit so you wouldn't judge me and think I was super crazy based on the clashing colors and patterns of every article of clothing I'm wearing" and "If this is ever going to go anywhere you should probably know that I dress weird." As if first dates weren't bad enough...

The second part of my day involved having "Teenage Dream" stuck in my head all. day. long.

I'm just going to say it, Katie Perry is a terrible person.That song is ridiculous and downright uncalled for. Or if someone did call for it, that wasn't very nice (or tasteful) of them. I really wish she would stop promoting things like making a joke out of PMS (whose side is she on here?) and California Pride (there's already enough to go around.) I think what Katie Perry really needs is a good hug, but just in case I think I'm going to start going by my real name, Katherine, just to unassociate myself.

The third part of my day is called homeworkmidtermsgreapplicationsworkworkworksoccergamemoreworkhomework.

That is seriously how my brain feels right now.

Waaaa. My life is so hard. I'm a whinny little girl.

One who wears yellow tights.

And whose life really isn't that hard.


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  1. i lovee your blogggg.
    those yellow tights are cute so those people are weird. and duh mustard yellow is my favorite. AND i love how you dress. one of my favorite things. (hah loved that about first dates. they are awful and i have a good story for you.)