Sunday, October 17, 2010


Katie: "Hey Jessica, what should I write about?"
Jessica Marshall: "How much you love me."
I do Marsha, I really do.

Marsha is what we call her to differentiate between the two Jessica's in my apartment.
Other nicknames include: "Marsh", "Marshmellow", "Marshed Potatoes," "Martian" and my personal favorite, "dummy."
(Marsha, as pictured here)

(The resemblance is really uncanny.)

In the spirit of retaliation Marsha once spent an entire weekend calling me "roommate" to see if I'd notice.

I didn't.

She is currently taking suggestions for better options of retribution nicknames.

Marsha and I are the losers of the apartment. The other two roommates, who will remain unnamed (love you Tracy and Jessica) both have boyfriends, meaning Marsh and I get to spend real quality time together alone in the apartment on a daily basis.

Tonight's Activity: Max Keeble's Big Move

In reality it is the only thing on TV right now that doesn't involve following Alaskan fisherman drama or polygamist sister wives, but I still remember it being better than this.

I guess sticking it to your snappy 4th period teacher and the school bully in one fell swoop* just doesn't tickle my fancy the way it used to.

I guess when you don't have a boyfriend you just deal with stuff like this.


*comes from the play Macbeth. My Shakespeare class is taking over my life.

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