Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today I am a skeptic.

It was one of those days.
I am lucky enough that nearly all my days are happy and stimulating and progressive,
but today was full of digression and stagnancy.
I find myself forgetting that its okay to have days like this.
That sometimes its okay to bask in the fact that life is hard.

A boy from the neighborhood I grew up in got struck by lightning today standing right outside of my high school. I watched the news clips when I got home from work tonight and they kept showing pictures of the tree he was standing by.
I have stood by that tree.
I have spent a thousand afternoon minutes standing in its shade,
but the lighting didn't strike me.

I guess that is the way life works.
Sometimes the lightning strikes us, and sometimes it is the next guy.
Though, for all my metaphors, nothing will change the fact that the boy was burned and this is the thought that has risen above all my personal problems today.
We can't change the terribly difficult things that happen to us but we can be a friend to the ones who are going through it as well, and we can contribute to the good that is in the world.
Keep a boy named Alex Lambson in your prayers.
Then, find yourself a reason to smile.

Here's mine:

My family is my happy thought, my faith is my strength.
Life is good, even when it's bad.


  1. your family is adorable.
    i love a good sibling picture.

  2. yeah. you guys are beautiful.

    and the boys who got struck by lightening.
    i can't even imagine. ah. they're in my prayers.

  3. Love these pictures. You have an adorable family!

  4. p.s. this is the high-school my husband went too....it is crazy to think you guys could have been there.

  5. Thanks everyone! I kinda like them too. ;)
    And seriously Alycia, life is crazy!