Friday, October 1, 2010

Earliest I've gone to bed since...ever.

In almost exactly 11 hours from now I will be starting my first marathon.
Today consisted of sleeping in, quick mile and a half run, lunch with my long lost Erin, a tour of the marathon expo, driving the course (for mental preparation of course), family pictures, a large and delicious pasta dinner, and an 8:00 bedtime (meaning right now!).
Who knows if I will be able to sleep with all the nerves and excitement???
Scary thought: I have two blisters on my heel that should have been healed by now but aren't.
Exciting thought: It's almost over!
Boy oh boy.
It's gonna be crazy.
Wish me luck!
I knew I should have started being nicer. I'm really gonna need to good karma tomorrow.

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