Saturday, November 6, 2010


Sorry about the week-long hiatus guys.

It's been an interesting week for me and I really needed to take the extra time to think through some things and re-evaluate my life and boring stuff like that.

I am always really torn when I have weeks like this over whether or not I should share my personal experiences with the blogging world. I'm not a fan of sharing my personal life with the general public, but then I think, it would make my blog more interesting if I added some drama.

Then I remember the line from one of my favorite short stories "Snow" by Ann Beattie.

"Any life will seem dramatic if you omit mention of most of it."

And so, for dramatic effect, I will omit.
Maybe one day I'll let you know how things worked out.

On a lighter note, my family is staying at Zion Ponderosa Resort for the weekend. My dad does some marketing here so we get to come spend a weekend here every year. This is my first time being able to come and it has NOT dissapointed.

I plan on posting all about it when I get home, but in the mean time, here are a few funny Rachel stories from the drive out here:

Story #1: Rachel and I were arguing because she had a shirt of mine (my favorite shirt) and did not want to give it back without some sort of collateral (I suggested a punch in the face). Finally in frustration Rachel exclaimed "Katie, stop being so controversial!" "Rachel," I said, "you don't even know what that word means." Now, Rachel is infamous for using large words incorrectly, however she still protested and suddenly started texting, all the time continuing the argument. A few seconds later she says "Well Katie...for example...the death penalty would be controversial...or something like that..." I thought that was kind of a strange comment and tried to explain to her how she had used the word wrong in the context. When she wouldn't believe me I finally resorted to texting google for the definition to prove myself and when I got a text back, this is what I read.

" Controversial: marked by or capable of arousing controversy; Example: the issue of the death penalty is highly controversial."

Whoops. Looks like someone else was texting google as well.

Story #2: Jordan, Rachel and I were sitting at a table at Wendy's discussing random facts we knew. Rachel pipes in with this one:

"Okay guys...true or false, 68% or crimes are committed by black people, or white people?"


And my final happy thought for the day...these football scores:


UofU-7 TCU-47

Also, did anyone else think Utah's jerseys looked like little kid pajamas with patches of dinosaur print fabric? And the words on the back of them?

I mean, I take my teams pretty seriously, but I would hate to be the 300 lb. football player running around the field with the word "community" on my back where my name should be. Especially if I lost 47-7.

Go cougs.


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