Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I almost die way too often.

I'm going to make this really long story short (No I'm not. You know me.):
We drove through the worst snowstorm I've ever been in, spun off the road, got back on, and then hit a road block in Beaver, UT.
Right now you are asking yourself a few questions.
1. Why did we attempt to drive through this storm?
2. Where/what in the world is Beaver, UT?
3. Why am I watching "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" at 1 in the morning and crying (like any human with a soul does when watching this show) while I write this?
Quite honestly I have no answer to #1 or #3. However, I CAN attempt to answer #2.
Let's start with Arshels...
This is the cafe we stopped at after our brutal last 26 miles (that took us almost two hours) into Beaver through a blinding snowstorm. We were pretty shaken up and freezing by the time we got here and our waitress Patti (the only one in the cafe) was such a sweetheart.

I ordered one of those Scooby-Doo sandwiches where there is three full layers of bread between all the other ingredients. I've always wanted one of those. Who knew I'd find it in Beaver, Utah?

Next stop: a vacant chapel where all the stranded people who weren't smart/rich enough to get one of the six motel rooms in Beaver were camping out.
Yes we were only there for two hours, and yes we were on facebook and drinking chocolate milk for most of it, but I still consider myself a surviving refugee of a natural disaster.
Also there was a moment when I was pretty sure we were on the set of an apocalyptic movie when I looked around the room and saw a group of ethnic minorities in one corner, a woman in a wheelchair in the other, and two awkward looking parents with their teenage gothic children against the wall.
We obviously played the group of young college girls with uncanny scientific knowledge, two of whom will wander off into the dark and not make it through the elements, while the other two survive, meet up with attractive, similarly aged boys (preferably Adrian Grenier in his younger years) and agree to repopulate the earth at some point after the credits.
Proof of the cold: It looks like this man is wearing every layer he owns.
Nine hours after departure we found ourselves back in Provo, Ut.
Thank you Beaver for the adventure.
As far as small towns named after strange animals go, you guys are alright.
I'll close with this funny picture of my parking job at church.
The one in the middle is mine.
At least we didn't have to drive that guy through the storm.
For anyone who is traveling for the holidays, travel safe please.
And should you happen to get stranded somewhere, I hope it is near an Arshel's.
That club sandwich is hard to beat.



  1. man alive...when are you going to go home then? that's intense, glad i missed the storm. sad i missed an adventure in beaver UT.

  2. i love arshel's. great post Katie!