Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I spent the day yesterday decorating for Christmas.
My sister said this is a blasphemous thing to do on Thanksgiving Eve but I am going to be busy starting Friday until around mid-december when I will move home for the holidays so I gave my apologies to the Christmas-Decoration Gods and went ahead with it.
(pictures to come)
My roommates and I don't turn our heater on during the winter.
We live on the second floor so the 1st and 3rd floor heat us enough that we usually stay fairly warm.
The past few days everyone has been gone from the 1st and 3rd floor (and from the rest of Provo. Holidays turn this college town into a ghost town) and so their heat hasn't been on to help me out.
Even though it was freeeezing outside yesterday I was determined to not cave on the heater policy and finally resorted to turning our broiler on and leaving the oven open. Then, whenever I got really cold I would stick my socks in there for a few minutes, put them back on, and keep decorating.
The life of a poor kid is way more exciting/ funnier/ I singed one of my socks.
Today I am headed to Riverton, UT to meet up with my family for some festivities (eating.)
In 4th grade the state of Utah held a drawing contest for all elementary school students to see who could draw the best picture of their favorite place in Utah. The pictures were to be used for a calendar coming out later that year to promote Utah tourism by reminding everyone that even little kids don't get too bored here.
I drew a picture of my Grandparent's backyard in Riverton, my favorite place in Utah at the time (there was a lot of dirt. Almost too much for my brown colored pencil.)
I remember how offended I was when Allison Davison won for her picture of Arches National Park. Who would want to go to that dumb place when they could play in dirt in Riverton, Utah?
I guess I should have cut her some slack, especially considering her name was Allison Davison, which wasn't as bad as my other best friend Shaylee Baylee (true story), but still fairly unfortunate.
I think the local newspaper reporter and I were even more upset when Allison was quoted as saying, "I never even been to that place. I just seen it on those license plates."
(I was probably more upset about her grammar than anything. Even back then I was an English snob.)
List of things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving holiday:
1. Broilers
2. Riverton. Still one of my favorite places in Utah.
3. Parents with the decency to sound out my name before they wrote it on the certificate.
Man, I feel blessed.
But seriously, I do.
Life is grood.


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