Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Jazz beat the Heat and I always talk about sports in my posts which may be annoying so I'll put it in the title which everyone skips anyways.

This post contains an absurd amount of photos.
But I'm not going to apologize. Because maybe you are having a busy day and have better things to do than sit and read all the junk that I write down.
Welcome to the 2000's. The era of speeeeeeed.
Which is exactly what my last few weeks have felt like.
Check it out.
A big stress in my life is whether or not I should put the caption for pictures up here...
...or down here. ^^ This picture is of my friends C.J. and Sarai who just so happened to be traffic jammed next to us on our way to the Sufjan Stevens concert in SLC.
This ^^ is Sarai getting a fake autograph from a person who is NOT Sufjan Stevens. Apparently fans who wait after to meet him and talk to him and worship him and caress his magic, music-playing fingers are creepy to him? Geez man. We just like your stuff.

The best way to have your nice glass baking pan is shattered in tiny pieces all over your kitchen and living room.
Seriously, the WEIRDEST things happen to our apartment. This one happened while Jessica and I were sitting back in our room and nobody was even out in the kitchen. Except for the robber from last year who I am convinced came back and threw our pan on the floor out of spite.
Let it out robber. Let it out.

Me. My dad. A climbing wall. There is nothing I hate more than looking like a wuss, and climbing walls can make ANYONE feel like a wuss.
(Side note: I learned how to spell the word "wuss" from my favorite Disney Channel Original Movie, "Brink.")

Eli Wade and blue skies. Two favorite things of mine.

We went on a long ATV ride and got dirrrtttyyy.

Every family has their thing. Some families watch movies together, play board games, tell each other they love each other (if you're into that). My family...wrestles...

...and arm wrestles.
(if you are wondering if my Mom beat me here then you should shut the heck up.)

This photograph was taken on the drive home in Mt. Caramel, UT. I get the feeling they are trying to be trashy. But its hilarious. So it evens out.

I came home to find my best friend is ENGAGED!!
I'm just going to give you the facts here...
Best High School Friend Jenna...married.
Best Life-long Friend/Cousin Erin...married in two weeks!
Best Provo Friend Aly...engaged to be married. the dream.

One day I'll catch up with them but first I have to stop doing things like eating multiple meals off of the same plate because I'm too lazy to wash another one.
Besides, I'm enjoying all these awkward first dates way too much to settle down with just one of them.

Also, I just have to say it.
Go Jazz.


  1. Katie, nice job on the pictures. Words are so 2000 and late. I especially love the Sarai picture. Pure joy emanates from the photo.

  2. Your Mom did win that arm wrestling match.