Monday, November 29, 2010


My mom just after high school.
The Princess of Alderaan.
Major Difference: My mom never made out with her long lost twin brother.
Major Similarity: That hair.
In all reality, my mom looks gorgeous. Right guys? (Here's where you all back me up so she doesn't kill me for putting this up here.)
I just couldn't resist using this comparrison to introduce the beginning of a series of holiday posts I will be posting to help us all get a little more into the spirit of the season.
#1: The Star Wars Holiday Special Finale.
This is especially hilarious out of the context of the film because I really have no idea what is going on, I just know that the idea of Christmas with Princess Leia singing to the Rebel Alliance makes me all warm inside.
It sure looks like Darth Vader blows Leia and the rest of the gang to pieces at the end there.
A Christmas present to us all.
That song was too much for me.
Happy Cyber Monday!


  1. i'm no expert on Star Wars Holiday Specials, but I think that *might* have been two different movies put together. but either way, my heart was touched. nothing says Merry Christmas like the annihilation of an entire planet.

  2. I don't care about the Star Wars special. I care that you put that stinkin' picture up. If you love your mother you will take it off.

  3. Mom, That picture is brilliant. She even stated that "you're freaking pretty." Because you totally are. And this is the best blog posting i've seen on this blog Katie. Keep up the good work.