Sunday, November 14, 2010

Funny Story:

This yellow sweater is my favorite sweater (sorry I think I've used this picture on my blog before, but this is the only shot I could find of it).
It is big, comfy, warm and I like the color and look of it, especially since I'm really digging the baggy look these days. It's one of those articles of clothing that a lot of people comment on but I can't tell if they are complimenting me because it is weird enough to notice, or if they actually like it. Either way I don't really care because I'm obsessed with it.
Actual Story which is much shorter than the backstory:
I walk into the Wilkinson Center for lunch, wearing this sweater.
Roommate who will remain unnamed: "Oh my gosh, I totally forgot it was ugly sweater day!"
Post-story commentary:
It really was ugly sweater day. I just missed the memo.
The worst part was walking past people I knew and watching them smile and say "yeah...nice sweater" and chuckle, as if them thinking my favorite sweater was part of ugly sweater day is a funny joke.

Blast my timing.