Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quiz Question.

Goodness gracious. Today was nuts.
Ima recap for ya.
But you're not getting any pictures yet. Its currently 2 a.m. ya goofs.
Why in the world would I be putting pictures up at this hour?
Alright, here it is, my day as a multiple choice question, in honor of the test I took today.
Please select the best answer for the following question:
What was the best part of my day?
A. Woke up at 7 a.m. It was the craziest thing. There I was, awake at 7 in the morning, and so were other people. At least I'm pretty sure they were. I could hear moving out my window but I wasn't about to look. I don't trust the kind of people who get up before 8. Who do they think they are?
B. I drove to Lindon, UT. You've never heard of it. I think its a suburb of Orem, which is a suburb of Provo, which is basically a suburb of Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, a state that is pretty much one big suburb.
C. I took the G.R.E. But before I took the G.R.E. (B.5?) I took the G.R.E. Tutorial. This consisted of sections such as "How to Use a Mouse" and "Scrolling." It then gave sample questions so I could practice answering using the confusing mouse and scroll button. My sample question: "What is the capital of the United States?" (one of the options was London. Whoops.)
The problem was, this question not only offered a false sense of security about the level of difficulty of the upcoming test, but it made me really grumpy that I was not in London, or Washington D.C. (yes, I answered correctly) or even in my bed where I usually am every morning at 8:34. I was in Lindon, UT and I was taking a four hour test that determined my future.
Not to worry however, things got much better after Juan, the proctor, let me have two drink breaks and let me go to my locker for gum after one of them.
D. I ate at the dorm cafeteria with my sister and they had lettuce wraps.
Mmm baby.
E. I came home and sat on my couch.
F. I took a shower. As a college student I am under no obligation to do this every day. Except today I did. Above and beyond, thats my modo.
G. I ate at Burgers Supreme using the discount food text I get every day. Quote from the middle eastern man at the register when he informed me that my food would be out faster than my brother's and Spencer's: "I have a wife, a grandmother, a grandaughter, three daughters, a mother, an aunt, neices, sisters...(went on to name nearly all major female figures in his life, and the world)...I know that ladies go first." And I'll be darned if my guacamole burger didn't come out a whole three minutes before Spencer's spicy chicken.
He wasn't kidding. He knows.
H. Went to work where I supervised volleyball games tonight. Received some visits from a few friends. Drew some pictures. Re-wrote the finale of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in my head so they don't all move away and Jeffrey can keep his job as the sassiest butler ever. Got paid for it.
I. The Jazz won tonight. BYU won tonight.
J. Stayed up until...now. Which is 2:19. Working on a wedding present for this girl, and hemming a pair of pants for my friend Marcus.
K-Y. Kentucky
Z. Somehow it is 2:28 a.m. and Michelle Branch just came up on my shuffle. When Miss Branch gets in there, thats a pretty good indicator that it is time for bed.
Answer: E. I'm so lazy.
Goodbye to you. (catch the reference)


  1. This was good Katie. I just don't get.....Oh now I do....Kentucky.

  2. YOU MISSED THE BEST PART OF YOUR DAY. DUH. Watching me play basketball and getting boots!

  3. mannn katie. you're great.

    i vote f. because it's funny. AND i totally agree with that.

    hah and laughed out loud when you said (slash typed) "ya goofs." reminded me of "ya bimbo."