Sunday, January 30, 2011

Goal Setting.

Staying home sick on a Sunday means time for blogging.

This post is going to be a little different due to the complaints of my friend Bryce Hanks that I center allign all of my text, which apparently "interrupts the flow of the sentences." So here I am, writing this post in paragraph form with a left allignment, feeling ever-so-boring for complying to the requests of another human being.

I'm normally an "I do what I want" kind of girl.

However, as a writer I am working on accepting constructive criticism and not thinking everyone else is way dumber than me, and I imagine this goal must apply to my blog posts as well, so I'm taking one for the team (team members: my pride and me) and giving it a shot.

Speaking of goals, I finished setting my semester goals last night (being LDS means the necessity of goal-setting has been engrained in me since the age of birth). I realize that we are already four weeks into the semester, but things got a little crazy in the beginning there and I didn't have time for things like thinking and/or obsessive 30 Rock marathons that always inspire me to set goals for my life so I don't end up like Liz Lemon. I'm going to keep a majority of the list to myself, but I'll let you guys in on a few:

#1. Say Yes.
I have been taught my whole life to say no. Say no to drugs, say no to strangers, say no to that creepy boy in my American Lit. class who writes "life" on his knuckles with sharpie and keeps asking me out for frozen yogurt (Provo's favorite pastime). But this semester, that is coming to an end. I am going to be a yes-girl. I have spent too many Saturday nights in the library sending texts that say "I can't. I have to study." Now, there are obvious exceptions to this rule (and there may be a few saturday nights I really do have to study). But, for the most part, I am going to say YES to any and all invites. Invite away.

#2. Plan Out my Summer Adventures.
This is big. I am planning the ultimate summer ever that is going to end in the ultimate trip ever in August (if you haven't noticed by now I'm a big fan of superlatives.) I have no real clue what any of this is going to be, but come April I WILL be throwing a SUMMER ADVENTURES PLANNING PARTY. If you would like to be involved, and will be living in Provo, Utah this summer, please let me know.

***I just got bored with writing full paragraphs out about every goal of mine and this left allignment is making me grouchy so I'm moving into quick-list form.***

#3. Save $30 in change in my change jar on my desk.
#4. Walk in April's Graduation
#5. Finish off the ten packages of pasta I purchased at the beginning of the semester and then never eat pasta again.
#6. Train and run Provo's April half marathon.
#7. Leave my house before noon every day. (harder than it sounds)
#8. Make friends who aren't engaged. (It's bound to happen sometime)
#9. Find an excuse to wear the cool formal dress I made over Christmas break.
#10. Find out where my bike went to and start riding it again. (I seriously used to have a bike up here, and then I forgot about it, and who knows where it is now?)
#11. As always, win an Ipod. This is my goal every semester.

So the secrets are out. Now that I've told the blogging world, I'm really going to have to stick to these. If you would like to participate/help in any of these goals, I'm probably going to need it.


  1. oh ya this reminds me i never posted my goals so when i do that in like 20 minutes i'm not copying you.

    also, i've always wanted to run a half marathon. one day in my life.

  2. I liked your posts centered. Just sayin.