Saturday, January 29, 2011

Part Two.

I know. I know.
I've changed the design of my blog like four times in the past two days and OMG I'm SUCH a girl for doing it.
Oh yeah? Well if I'm such a girl how come I just said "I hate pink and Twilight" out loud?
Think about it.

While you are, I am going to move on to my real post about Wednesday's game.
I thought waiting a couple days would help prevent me from drooling on my computer screen at the mere thought of the game but I'm salivating more now than I did in third grade when I got one of those fist-sized jawbreakers for passing off all of my times tables.
It was honestly just that magic.
And I saw Peter Pan on stage tonight so I'd say I'm in a pretty good position to place things on the "magic" scale.
I'm going to give you a little photo journey and then we'll talk aftermath:

First of all, BYU decided to do some weird things with student tickets for this game in an effort to prevent people from camping out.

Naturally, sleeping outside in tents is a horrifically unkosher idea to university administration.

This comes largely from their fear that boys and girls tents might be set up in the same general area, leaving room for the possibility that girls will hear boys snoring at night, come to the sudden realization that their lives will not suddenly be made perfect after marriage, remember that prospective marriage partners are the only reason they were faking their interest in sports, and leave to go sleep in their warm bed and watch Gossip Girl.

From this would spring the problem that the majority of our crowd would then be reduced to white, twenty-something males, making our school look painfully less diverse than it already does.

Or at least that was the only logical reason I could think of for their ridiculous system that involved me standing out in the snow for three hours while missing classes, to get a wristband that told me to stand in line for three more cold hours the next day.

The up-side was I got to do it with five thousand other students who were all as excited about seeing the team (Jimmer) as I was.

Here are the three sweet people I was waiting with.
Yes, both boys do have broken arms. Yes, this was really funny to me.
My favorite part was when, after numbering everyone off with specific seven-digit numbers, one through five-thousand, and thoroughly checking to ensure that everyone was in their correct spot in line, the crowd just simply broke through the doors, disregarding numbers, and sat wherever the heck they wanted.
I love mob mentality. And the 8th row seats I got hooked up with.

This picture above SCREAMS the theme of the night. It was the loudest...anything...I have ever been in. Nearly 23,000 people who all had a crush on Jimmer.

Storming the court after the game was also a trip. Everyone was sweaty-hugging everyone, which was kind of gross but in an I'm-cool-with-this-if-you-are kind of way.

So this morning I was watching an ESPN classic game.

It was a 1990 Georgetown vs. Villanova game and some tall kid was shooting free throws when I heard the announcer say "You know Jeff, I have a feeling we're going to see a lot more of this kid."

I looked up to see Alonzo Mourning running back down the court.

Interesting how right he was, and I have a sneaking feeling that man would say the same thing about Mr. Fredette.

In fact, I'm going to say it.

You know Jeff, I have a feeling we're going to see a lot more of this kid.

Fingers crossed.



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