Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

I am a big fan of the future.
The main reason for this:
I love the stuff.
Particularly in the form of spandex pants. Who in their right mind would choose to wear stiff, low-rise jeans that are perpetually uncomfortable when you could just throw on some black spandex and dance around like Kevin Bacon in the 80's. Or Paula Abdul in the 80's.
Or anyone in the 80's really.
The 80's really knew what it was doing.
But so does the future.
I'm convinced that 2011 is finally the year when we will accept the futuristic practices found in Zennon: Girl of the 21st Century.

A few things I know I'm really going to like about the future, as indicated by this video:
1. When you live in the future, you mainly sing about living in the future. Everyone is really excited about it.
2. Everyone gets their children's names out of the glossary of their astronomy textbooks, which sounds much easier than those lengthy baby-name books.
3. The only thing that isn't different about society and our culture is the tambourine. That thing isn't going anywhere.
4. Spandex.
This post was inspired by the fact that I have quit jeans.
They are way too uncomfortable to me and I have made a new years resolution to only wear spandex and/or dresses from here on out.
Therefore, I am trying to convince everyone else to join me in embracing the future.
Here are a few fun facts to convince you:
1. The word spandex is actually an anagram from the word "expands."
Okay that's really all I've got, but I thought that was clever.
Let's start a spandex revolution.


  1. I like that idea....I am wearing spandex right now. Kelly, Lacey and I all watched the Bachelor in our spandex tonight too.

  2. I am so with you. I can't remember the last time I wore jeans. this is amazing.

    p.s. you were inspired by the mention of zenon the other night, weren't you? I was too...

  3. ya well if only you showed me how to wear leggings then i would!! also. haha "in the future they only talk about the future" hahaa