Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello, my name is Hitler.

Most days I have a fantastic job.
I supervise intramural sports for my school and since I'm a sports fanatic I can rarely complain.
Today, however, I am going to complain.
But only a little bit.
The thing about our intramural program that really gets everyone worked up is the fact that we have rules.
Most participants pay a lot of money to play these organized sports rather than their usual pick-up games, but don't be fooled, they don't really want them to be any different, excepting the fact that they now have officials to yell at.
One of our rules that most people see as irrelevant is the rule where you have to show up to your game on time.
It's the craziest thing to them that you can't just come halfway through your allotted hour time-slot and have our intramural staff jump up and worship your every lower-division-basketball demand.
(Whoops. Maybe I should have waited a few days to write about this when I wasn't so worked up about it.)
Anyways, day in and day out we have participants in a rage because even though they have been repeatedly told that they WILL forfeit if they don't show up on time, they are upset that consquences have suddenly become a real thing in their life.
This morning I had a boy get so upset with me about this that he legitimately yelled at me, with a serious face, his voice cracking:
At that point everyone on the court looked at me like I was Hitler.
I probably didn't help the cause by laughing in the poor suffering boy's face.
Because Jewish persecution? Really??
So needless to say I was a little upset/hysterically laughing after that incident, and since it took place within the first five minutes of my shift I spent the rest of my shift letting my mind wander and trying not to think about the whole thing and get frustrated all over again.
Here are some of the things I thought about:
#1. Why is every television show currently on TV about some sort of doctor, lawyer, ghost hunter, or a combination of these? I wonder how long it is going to take for NBC to realize that they just released two shows with the exact same plot: a psychic goverment employee solving their local city's murders while saving lives and having an emotional affair with their co-worker who is in on their secret that they can hear dead people?
To be fair, I'm addicted to shows like this.
But that doesn't mean I'm happy about it.
Let's switch things up guys.
#2. A game Erin, me, and our too-young-to-know-better sisters played as children. We took turns going out of the room while everyone looked in the fridge for the grossest thing they could find to make them eat. Then, said person would come back into the room while everyone watched them eat it.
Why was this fun? It's questionable. But we loved it.
Things I remember eating: A spoonful of baking powder, an entire cup of ketchup, four month old shephards pie with mold on top, mayonaise with worchestershire sauce, brown sugar that everyone spit in...
The list goes on. We were really creative children.
I decided today that this game is the sole contributing factor to the fact that I have zero sense of germs (is that a sense? your sense of germs?), zero pickiness in my eating habits and had zero friends besides Erin from ages 4-14.
#3. THIS article. (Click on the word "this" mom.)
This guy is like a real-life Batman. SO cool.
I was a little confused as to why it was written and if it was supposed to expose, honor, or bash on him, but I really like the idea that something crazy is going on here that I don't quite know about.
I think the article meant more for this to guy to worry me than anything, but for some reason I feel like he has my back.
By the end I found myself less concerned about the fact that there is a man running his own CIA out of southern california, and more worried about how he felt being described as "bespectacled and doughy" by one of the nations largest newspapers.
Thats gotta hurt.
Kind of like when people call you a jew-persecutor.
That's right angry little kid with the spikey, anime-hair,
I'm talking to you.


  1. hahaha i love this. :) don't worry i don't think you are hitler haha.

  2. NBC may not have noticed yet, but Amelie Gillette did.,50542/