Friday, January 7, 2011

The Walking Dead

A miracle has occured.
I have somehow managed to work out my schedule so I have no Friday classes.
I am convinced that the school uses the trick of scheduling classes with boring professors or lame subject-matter to be Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday classes to rope in people like me who would rather take all the worst classes than have a class on Friday, and I am happy to admit that I have been willingly suckered in.
I now have my Fridays clear to do things like sleep in until 10:30, write blog posts and not go outside in the freezing cold.

My next item of business: Zombies.

I had the scariest, most real zombie dream of all time last night.

My family and Erin's family had set up camp in this mansion amidst the turmoil of a zombie apocalypse. We were busy bolting doors and covering our scent when another family showed up and tried to steal it from us. In the midst of our family feud (Erin and I still want to audition for Family Feud in California. We even called the studios about it once) a hand reached through the door, grabbed my sister Rachel and someone screamed....ZOMBIES!
I woke up shaking.
I decided I have GOT to stop watching Zombie shows.

In the meantime, however, I grabbed my roommates dream book and decided to interpret my dream.
Here's what I got:

1. Zombies:
"To dream about Zombies indicates that you are feeling dead inside."
Why yes, Winter is slowly suffocating my soul.

"Dreaming of creatures that feed on human bodies suggests that your negative ways are hindering your growth."
Again, I blame winter. I'm a happy person in the summertime. My real nightmares are about snow.
2. Family Feud:
There was nothing in the book about this, but I still really want to be on that TV show.

3. Sister getting attacked by Zombies:
"You may have a dream where your sister falls ill if you have an argument with her in waking life."
If this is true then I should have been having a dream like this every night from age 9-17.

I'm pretty sure all this dream was is my subconscious preparing me for the event of a Zombie apocalypse.
If Will Smith can handle it, I can too.
I mean, I've never even starred in a chick flick so I already have a leg-up on him as far as man-points go.
I just wish AMC could have seen me dominate those dream-zombies. It would have easily landed me a role in the next season of "The Walking Dead," my current favorite Zombie show.

Does YOUR family have a zombie infestation plan?

Mine does.

Or, at least my dream family does.




  1. What you missed in the dream (because you woke up) was me getting taken by the zombies, but then whipping out a bomb in my back pocket, blowing up all the surrounding zombies, thus giving our family more time to lock up our house, thus saving all our lives. Thus me being the hero and living at the same time. Too bad you woke up.

  2. Yeah ok but what's with all the facebook statuses about onions?!