Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You got Jimmered.

I just went through my facebook wall and deleted everything that didn't have to do with Jimmer Fredette for the pure joy of tricking myself into thinking, if only for a few minutes, that the world revolves around this beautiful man.

My #9 Cougars played #4 San Diego St. tonight in one of the most thrilling games I have ever witnessed.

I am going to blog more later about the whole process of waiting in line and all the events that went along with it, but tonight, I just want to let it all sink in.

I don't care who you are, how little you care about sports or how dumb you think it is that people can care so much about a game, what we saw tonight was art.

And Jimmer Fredette was the artist.

There is something so inhuman about the way he moves that orange ball around a court.

And there is something so human about what talent like that does for a community.

I love my school. I loved those stands full of people I didn't even know.

And we all loved Jimmer.

I'll have chills for days.

The game was beautiful.

What a night.



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  1. oh you changed your blog.
    wow. what a game.
    voice is hoarse.