Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Okay FINE...

...I'll start blogging again.
From time to time I like to do something I call "quitting life."
This is officially done by me walking out into the living room in sweats and saying to my roommates "I quit life!," standing there for a second and then walking back into my room.
While this never really accomplishes much and nothing changes or is actually "quit" about my life when I'm done, but I usually feel a lot better after doing it.
I haven't been feeling very well today and have been very overwhelmed by grad school applications, new semester assignments, schedule issues, and the fact that there hasn't been a new 30 Rock episode in over 3 weeks.
So, because I don't have the energy to get out of bed, instead of walking out into the living room to say this to my roommates, I am saying it to you.
Hey blogging world,
I quit life.
I feel better already.
I could move on from here to telling you about the rest of my Christmas Break and my New Years Eve that I spent in Southern California as a groupie for a band called Straight Monday (true story, slightly exaggerated. The word "groupie" can only mean so much when you're mormon and your brother is in the band) but that sounds really boring to me.
And if it's boring to me, it would be waaay boring to you.
So I'm just going to call it quits right here and promise to be back shortly (tomorrow?) bearing gifts of bribery to bring me back into your good graces after leaving you alone for so long.
I would leave you with a joke but I only know one joke and I already wrote a blog post about it.
You can find that here.

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