Monday, January 10, 2011

Computer Woes.

My laptop is on the brink of destruction.
The bottom right corner where it hinges is completely busted and if anyone in the room so much as breathes wrong, the whole screen falls flat, usually hitting the table rather hard, which can't be good for it.
This gimpy computer is my sixth computer in the last year. (Luckily the last five have been rental computers so they have been somewhat easy, albeit annoying, to replace.)
Allow me to introduce you to some of the others:

The Wuss: One day I noticed some dust on the screen. I blew on it, and the whole computer shut down and never started up again. What a baby.
The Epileptic: Every time I scrolled down the whole screen would shake like a high school dance during "Hey Ya."
The Dyslexic: Everything I typed in got entered in backwards. A small part of me wishes I would have kept this one long enough that I could learn to read backwards and be on one of those Tyra specials about having freaky talents.
The One That Reminds Me of my Dating Life: The charger was broken, the computer was exceptionally moody, its unreliability gave me major trust issues, I lost nearly everything I put into it and in the end it just couldn't commit.
It has been a long year of technological failures, which is why I have been living with the broken corner on this one for so long.
I have a feeling the day is coming when it will no longer be a choice. This screen can only hit my bedroom desktop so many times before the abuse gets to it.
The good news is, I won't have much use for it tonight.
Go Ducks.


  1. I have the answer to all your computer problems:

    Buy a Mac

  2. hahah I love how you name your computers. I need to name mine soon. Hope you have better luck!