Sunday, September 5, 2010

Marathon Training Inc.

I ran almost 14 miles yesterday.
The goal was 13 but I got lost and ran a bit more than expected.
The last three miles were what I would like to refer to as "killer" and I really had to mentally push myself through them. The plus side to this was that I just watched the new Karate Kid earlier this week and got to pretend that a bearded version of Jackie Chan would be really dissappointed in me if I didn't beat up a bunch of little asian boys.

I mean if I didn't keep running.

Another game I played with myself while I was running was thinking of all my pet peeves. Fourteen miles gives you a lot of thinking time, especially if you are slow as I am. And I swear there is always a dumb question on those little surveys they make you fill out when you get into a new class or ward about your "biggest pet peeve" and I never know what to put.

So I've compiled a list of what I think are my top 3. For future reference:

1. The way words are painted on roads. I know this picture is backwards but if I were to be riding towards this I would read the words "Lane Bike." What the heck is a lane bike? I just don't understand the thought process behind this. We read top to bottom. They paint the words bottom to top. Illogical. Do they imagine some struggling biker coming along, face glued to the road, and thinking "biiiikkke...okay..okay...what's next...lane! bike lane! Got it!"

Nope. It says Lane Bike.

And that doesn't mean anything.

2. Turning on the car and the song starts playing in the middle. I personally believe that songs were written to be played from beginning to end. Now, this isn't to say that I don't change songs like mad when songs come on I don't like (drives my brother Jordan crazy) but when it comes to some good ol' bonafide and respectable tunes, starting in the middle just 'aint gonna cut it.

3. Comments like this on facebook pictures:
"Oh my gosh Britney! You are sooooo pretty I hate you! SERIOUSLY!!!! Stop making it so hard for the rest of us to date hot boyz!! You are so GORGeous that every hot boy wants you and we all HATE you for it! OMG, you suck! loves!!!!!"

Britney's resulting thought process: "What? You hate me? I suck? I'm confused. Also I haven't had a boyfriend since 6th grade. Also this is my family picture from when I was 14. Loves? People say that?"

These kinds of comment's severe spouting of bi-polar tween phrases does nothing but give me a headache and make me embarrassed for my gender. It has the same effect on Britney.

I often get comments like this on really hot pictures of me. Like this one. (Sorry Erin.) And I'm like, omg, don't hate me, hate Erin. Those santa clause earrings I got in my stocking last Christmas get her all the boyz. She sucks.

Okay, okay, so they might not get her ALL the boys. But they sure did get her ONE boy. :)

Something that isn't a pet peeve of mine: My best friend/cousin getting engaged!

Congrats Erin & Broc! So happy for you!



  1. excellent as always. i would place #3 as my #1 though.

  2. Haha Katie I just discovered your blog and couldn't stop laughing at this post. Mainly because I get mad every time I see words like that on the road. "AHEAD STOP" and "DOWN SLOW" are the worst.