Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two life updates for you:

1. I got my oil changed all by myself for the first time ever today. I think I was mostly nervous because I hate appearing girly in any way and not knowing how to navigate myself through a simple oil change definitely made me feel like a wussy little girl. The guys at Jiffy Lube were fantastically patient with me. They talked me through everything, didn't try and sell me too much weird extra stuff, and even washed my windows/vacuumed my car as an extra! The best part was when I was leaving and Steve followed me out to open the door of the building AND my car door for me. Thanks Steve! And Jiffy Lube!

2. I went to the career fair today. What the?? Career Fairs are for seniors who are fully prepared to take the next step in their life and take on the responsibility of a full-time job. At least I got the "senior" part down. As for the rest of it...
The good news is I chose a super illogical major. If you're one of those people who has a real plan for your life and expect to go places and make lots of money you've probably never heard of it. It's called "English" and if you tell someone that is your major this is exactly how the conversation will go:
Boy: "So Katie, what's your major?"
Me: "English!"
Boy: " are you going to do with that? Like...teach?"
Me: "Nope."
Boy: "Oh...(this dumb girl doesn't realize that is the only career option she has) well..." (turns to hair-parted RM next to me who is simultaneously planning out his nightly homework schedule and asking an Elementary Ed. major out)..."What's your major Rob?"
Rob: "Pre-med (not an actual major but I want you to know I'm going to med school)"
Boy: "Oh no way, me too!" ('Lets-compare-test-scores-conversation' ensues)

Any guesses as to the only booth that actually had something to offer an English major like myself?
Yep. TEACH for America.
There's no getting out of it. I'm going to end up a teacher whether I want to or not.
So I have an interview with Teach for America in the morning.
Anyone know anything about it?
Seeing as how its my only shot, I could really use some advice.
Muchas gracias.



  1. haah isnt it funny how us girls feel so accomplished doing car things like that! love it!

  2. did you go to the jiffy lube off of University in south P-town? I just got my first oil change there too.