Thursday, September 23, 2010


I took the afternoon off yesterday.
I feel like I have been going non-stop for the past 3 weeks and last night was the first weeknight I haven't had work or really anything to do in a while.
So...I bailed on all of my homework and painted away the afternoon.
(finished product to come later)
I'm pretty sure this break from life was absolutely necessary after supervising Intramural GIRLS flag football for four hours the night before.
Is it so terrible that I get embarrassed for my gender from time to time?
Let me share with you some quotes from some of the girls last night and then maybe you won't judge me so much.

#1. "So...what exactly does it mean to NOT hit someone?"

#2. "Come on girls! We've just got to run down the shot clock!"
(wrong sport dear.)

#3. " just look...and see who has the ball...and run after them!"

#4. Me: "You have to have at least four people on the line of scrimage."
Girl: "What's the line of scrimage?"
Me: "It's the spot where you are snapping the ball from."
Girl: ".....What's snapping the ball?"

#5. Me: "You are allowed multiple passes behind the line of scrimage."
Same girl: "What's the line of scrimage?"
Me: "Didn't we just go over this?"

I really should just tape some of these games for when I have children.
Nothing could whip a person into shape faster than the threat of four hours of women's flag football.

Note to my boss Phil: I swear, I'll be good.
Just don't make me do it again.


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