Monday, August 30, 2010

Just when I least expected it... has exceeded my expectations. You'll never guess what was waiting for me on the corner as I walked to my first class this morning...

...that's right. A free doughnut. A whole box of them. And a nice woman handing it to me.
I have never actually used this phrase before, but I literally LOL'd when I saw the stand.
Oh the irony.
I have a good feeling about this school year.
Although, it is incredibly mind-blowing that today I started my senior year of college. If I thought being a high school senior gave me power, being a college senior makes me feel practically invincible.
Or at least a lot like this...
What are we going to do tonight Provo?
Same thing we do every night Katie. Try and take over the world. least I feel that way until I think about the large, senior-college-student-crunching world out there that feels as if it will not only eat me for breakfast next April, but won't even give me a nice report card should I ever do something well.
It's hard to imagine life accomplishments that aren't presented to me in the form of a letter.
Could be nice.

Maybe they'll give me doughnuts instead. Seems like I prefer those.
Day one of school down.
One more day to the relief of September.



  1. i love you.
    it's true i do.

    congrats on being a senior.
    i'm happy for you. and your free doughnuts.

  2. Okay it is just me and a girl stranger in the computer lab and i am sitting here laughing my head off reading your blogs! I sure do love you. It is quite an honor to say that Katie Wade is my best friend. Thank for starting off my day so great!