Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I was born in 1989 and I think I sucked in enough 80's air in that little portion of a decade to supply me with retro oxygen into my 30's. (hopefully this phase wears off by then. I eventually might start caring about a social life.)

*side note: to this day my mother confuses the word "retro" with "techno." And she's still unsure as to what "techno" actually is, so there's a whole mess of confusion to clean up every time "Sandstorm" comes on her Ipod.

So being the 80's junkie I am, I have yet to get over my big-bow fascination.
Which is why, when Erin and I had "Headband Making Day 2010," I just couldn't help myself.

Erin's boyfriends Broc's reaction when I showed up with this big bow on my head: "Woah. ...Big bow."
I think he liked it.

Here's a side-view of the bow.

A big fat secret: I used pip-cleaner to shape it. Yes, that is the stuff that you made little spiders with on halloween in 2nd grade to decorate your class party. Thanks Mrs. Pollock. The skillz came in handy.

Here's a close-up of the other side. I liked the contrast of the mustard print, but if you're super into all that matching stuff you could just make it out of the same fabric as the bow.

Here is Erin's first amazing creation.

And it looks even better with her pretty face.

Her headbands even looked good with this face.

I LOVED the way she combined the fabrics on this one and I think the thick lace compliments it perfectly.

I made my second one with two layers of thin lace layered over a turquoise ribbon.
Here's a detail of the flower made totally from fabric.

If you haven't noticed by now I'm pretty big on flowers, particularly in my hair.
I think it's my attempt to distract people from the large amounts of hair I have.
In the end Headband Making Day 2010 was a big success. All of the headbands were made from scraps we found in my house, purchased by my mother at garage sales. (one of the perks of living at home for the summer.) If you think you don't have money for crafts, you should check your classifieds on Saturday mornings and check out what the world around you has to offer.
I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.
Kind of like how I feel every time I watch yet another teen 80's movie and remember that John Cusack is the only man in my life who never lets me down.

This weekend: Rent "Say Anything" and make a few headbands you're not ashamed of.

You won't be sad you did.

I'm happy. :)


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  1. blahhh the big floral bow?! with the MUSTARD PRINT?! love.

    and can you please stop posting so much you're making me feel bad for not blogging. since BEFORE THE TOUR. whoops.

    joking, keep blogging. alot.