Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tru Confessions

Does anyone else remember this movie on Disney Channel?

I don't really remember what it's about, but it does remind me of how some people start out so great...

...and then lose it when they try and be super hot and hook up with Megan Fox and stuff...
Or am I still the only one who hated Transformers?

So last weekend (two weekends ago? the best part about summer is that time is irrelevant) I went to a family reunion in Carlsbad, CA. We spent all day every day on the beach doing...nothing. I don't really remember the last time I did that so it was beautiful.

Now, I normally wouldn't do this because I always get slightly annoyed when other people think their relatives are the cutest things ever and you're like "that kid has like six moles on his face." But seriously, if these aren't the three cutest children you have ever seen in your life then your name must be Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, the only couple on this earth beautiful enough to be capable of creating cuter children. And they adopted. Which means these three win.

A less cute (but still beachy) photo of Erin and I.

Then...Aly!! Okay, okay, let me fill you in. Aly is my best friend (and former roommate) up at school. However, since she went to Ecuador for winter semester, and I went to Berlin (did I tell you?) this summer...we have only seen each other once in the last 8 months! If you are wondering which one Aly is she's the asian not the cancer patient. (just kidding Erin...uh...)

(Side note: Aly is not actually Asian. She doesn't even like Hello Kitty. (side note within a side note!?!?: Erin does not actually have cancer. that headband is actually super cute. I just needed to clarify in case one of my two readers (Erin and my mom (this is my 4th side note inside a side note. Too bad I didn't think of this a year ago and then make some sort of movie about being so many levels deep and have it starring Leonardo DiCaprio, boosting my personal fame and bank account into the millions))gets offended and reduces my readership to one.) No matter how long this sentence is or how many times you look at that picture and think i'm lying, Aly is still not Asian.)

But speaking of Asians...we met these friends at a Japanese restaurant in Oceanside.
My mom wouldn't let us leave until we took a picture of them.

And going with the theme, Brady also thinks he's Asian.

Overall the trip was fun, relaxing and a much needed break for my feet and my mind after three months of wandering Europe.
Plus I got some quality kathERINe time in.

(Erin and Katherine=KathERINe)

And some quality Cindy time in. Which means some quality "hear about Zac Efron" time.
And who doesn't need some of that?

Here's to my month-long summer break starting off right.


The fam. :)


  1. haha i love your blog so so much.
    every post makes me smile.
    i loveed your inception point hahahaa you're great.

  2. Kaitlin also reads it. So it just isn't your mother.