Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today I figured out a cool trick using this new thing my brother showed me called "technology." According to Wikipedia, technology is something invented by the Japanese to trick white, twenty-something American girls from utah into cursing their severe lack of left-brain ability and to prevent them from enjoying modern, time-saving conveniences.
Well, jokes on you Asia!
Because today I figured out how to upload pictures straight from Picasa, making the blogging process exponentially easier. (I'm not telling you how I was doing it before.)
Anyways, in honor of the occasion, I thought I'd post this fun series of photos from Sanssouci.
I miss Berlin and my friends from there. But most of all I miss living a pretend life where I spent most of my days walking around eating pastries and soaking in historically significant and aesthetically pleasing buildings and places all day with my biggest worry being how to order a footlong using the metric system.
BUT, life is good in Santa Clara, UT. I really can't complain about living in a place I consider to be heaven on earth. Even if I have to empty the dishwasher every now and again and deal with a cat that sleeps on my neck at night.

Katie's Daily Fun Fact(starting today, and quite possibly will only happen today): When I googled "Fun Facts" a website came up that listed "Abraham Lincoln Facts" as #10 on the most popular facts researched. Our good friend Honest Abe was beat out only by incredibly important issues such as "Most Shoplifted Book Facts," "Chuck Norris Facts," and "Pornography,"(which is not actually a fact, but apparently is still more important to Americans than our 16th President.) He did, however, come just ahead of "Vin Diesel Facts" and "Australian Women Facts." Glad we've got some sense of priorities here in the U.S.

And on that note, I'm off to enjoy my work/homework free summer evening.
Mazel Tov!



  1. You know you love when Scout sleeps on you. Also fail. Your pictures didn't load. haha

  2. what the...teach me!!
    i've been doing blogger forever and pretty sure i still do the slow motion way.