Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I cook for old people.

Remember that annoying kid in high school who ran for student council every year and made the 100 abominable campaign signs that somehow always ended up on your locker using duct tape that you had to scrape off for hours during locker clean-outs at the end of every school year?

I am thoroughly convinced that he grew up and got a job at the local radio station making those obnoxious comercial break intros.

There's no way that's anyone else.

Only that kid could have figured out a way to make a living off of being that annoying.

Why yes, I do listen to the radio for 7 hours straight while I'm at work.

And speaking of work...

...I'm thinking of starting my own reality show about the twelve residents who live in the home I work at.

We could have challenges like Extreme Bingo, prune eating contests, and sleeping with your mouth wide open (something they are all really good at) and every week someone could get voted out, meaning they forfeit their slice of Sunday oatmeal-peaches pie we have in the freezer.

I just think its interesting that twelve verrrrry aged (could have been a polite term if it weren't for the repetition of consonants) adults ranging from somewhat-mentally-stable, to totally-checked-out live together in one house attempting to agree on daily decisions such as whether to play Elvis or Bing Crosby at lunchtime (Mary still believes those hips on Mr. Presley are from the Devil himself).

All I'm saying is you wouldn't believe the fights, outbursts and accidents that we calm the flames on daily and the drama is always intriguing.

Pauline offering Jean a ball. Jean is offended.

Drama. Drama. Drama.

I swear if someone steals my idea, I'll be super ticked.


P.s.-This is a disclaimer.*

*I love my job. And my residents.


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  2. Im sure they just love you katie! I would love to work at a rest home, sounds so exciting, but im sure it takes a lot of patience