Sunday, August 22, 2010

August never has my back.

I have one million things running through my head right now.
This can only mean one thing (besides the fact that I am a girl, which I hate to admit)... is August.
Of all the different months (there's only 12) August is by far the most traumatic for me.

August means change, and if there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I handle change about the same way my sister Rachel handles being the fifth favorite child out of four children (my mom's garden beats her out for fourth place every year)...I fight it.

True story: Between writing those last few paragraphs and now I just took a five hour nap (I've been pretty sick today, so you don't have to judge me for that) and I just had a dream that I was back in high school in my creative writing class with Mrs. Madden (the one English teacher in my life who hated my guts. I had one female teacher who kissed me straight on the lips before Christmas break one year. She was really old and I guess just liked me that much. About ruined Christmas that year, but it was really good for my grade.) Anyways, Mrs. "Abernathy" (I just decided to change Mrs. Madden's name for privacy reasons, also Mrs. Abernathy was my favorite English teacher in high school) was reading my blog to the class (this is what i get for blogging right before I nap) and my friend Jordan Frei who was in all my English classes growing up and was way better at...everything...than me, was sitting next to me and kept saying "what are you so embarrassed about?? Are you scared that my blog is better than yours?"
Now that I think about it I don't think that was a dream. I'm pretty sure I just had a prophecy, because if Jordan Frei ever did start a blog, I would be super embarrassed if Mrs. "Abernathy" ever let it be compared to mine. Some people you just can't beat.

So moving on to what I'd like to refer to as the "meat and potatoes" of this blog post, meaning I'm going to stop just rambling about things like my prophetic abilities and give you the list of what is causing all this trauma and stress this August:

1. The obvious: school is starting. You'd think after 16 years of first days of school I would be well-adjusted to the ins and outs of new classes, teachers, etc. I've thought about it for a while and I think the real problem is at SCHS they gave everyone free doughnuts on the first day of school, and well, once you've had that kind of luxury its really hard to go back. College is so cold and indifferent as far as complimentary, sugary-welcome-treats go.

2. Another move. This will be the fifth time in the last year that I have completely packed up everything I own and attempted to resettle into a new bed. Another thing you should know about me is that my bed is a big deal to me. I sleep more than the average person and even when I'm not sleeping, I'm usually just IN bed. Home, for me, is my double-folded memory foam covered by the t-shirt fabric sheets I bought at Target last year, with a glass of water and a good book.
3. This one is going to be a little more difficult to explain. You see, I am a member of the LDS church. And in my religion, every 19 year old boy is asked to serve a two year mission. This means that every 19 year old girl goes through the traumatic experience of watching all their close friends leave, and then the even more traumatic experience of watching them all come back and not knowing how they are going to fit these super awkward 21-year-olds into their new lives. I have loved watching so many of my friends make the difficult decision to leave their lives for two years to serve their Heavenly Father. Which means...guess what part of this whole experience I'm at?

Yep. They're allll home. And I'm going to see them all this week, after two long years, when I head back to Provo.

This should explain the creative writing class nightmare. Or any nightmare for that matter.

And's to August, and all the change it brings, and all the super-stressed nights I'm going to go through until I wake up and suddenly it's Septemeber and I realize, like I always do, that everything is going to be just fine and I'm just a weirdo who freaks out when it is rather unnecessary.

Except for when I remember that these boys are all home...

...and these boys...

...and also these ones...

...then it feels reeaalllyyy necessary.

I'll miss you Santa Clara. I always do.



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  2. I would never compare you to Jfrei. But I am not so sure he could beat your blog.

  3. Could anyone every beat your blog?......I don't think so. It's tooooo good. I love you Katie Wade.

  4. Dear Katie,

    Want to hear a funny story? Probably not, and it's not that funny anyways. So remember you told me that you got beat up by a melon ball and took on the shape of a bell ringer? Well, for some reason I remembered that and decided I really needed to see those pictures.

    Well, not only was I not disappointed by the pictures (that is the grossest thing I've ever seen in my whole life, by the way... congrats) but I also got a little shout out for myself from you in the most self deprecating way... how lovely.

    Now I am sure that this story wasn't funny despite the crazy coincidence (maybe my brain is just so in tune with the web that I can sense anytime a reference is made to me), but I do have to say that the blog is fantastic, and even though I can beat you so decisively in Trivial Pursuit every time doesn't mean I would ever come close to besting you in this realm. 'Cuz you're real good. Seriously. Mrs. Madden would be proud... even if she didn't show it.