Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jerry Pie.

This is Jerry Sloan when he was young...
This is Jerry now that he is old...
And this is the Jerry I have grown up with...

Nothing is sure. Nothing set in stone. But rumor is Jerry Sloan is resigning and it has a whole lot to do with Deron Williams.
DWill is good. He's a player, no doubt. But he's no Jerry.
This is not fair.
As life would have it, my Grandpa Kochevar is more or less a next-door neighbor to Jerry Sloan (give or take a large gate, a security code and a few hundred thousand dollars between them).
Once my grandpa took him a pie.
My Grandpa is a big, manly man (he was a high school principle) who also happens to make a mean pie, and one day he was sure that Jerry Sloan needed one of his pies.
He walked across the street, through the big gate, and up the long path to Mr. Sloan's front door.
Since I am writing this in my American Lit class and the bell is going to ring I'm going to go ahead and make the story short from here:
Jerry not only accepted the pie, but invited him in and listened to his Grandpa stories for about half an hour.
What a nice guy.
A nice guy who also happens to be one of the greatest coaches in NBA history and the staple of my life-long Jazz fandom.
The point of my story, the point of this post, is really to say one thing:
Life is unexpected. One day you are sitting in the Wilk eating a beefy crunch burrito from Taco Bell, the next you are getting a text about the loss of a loved one and you find yourself on the floor screaming "PLEASE. NOT JERRY. I'LL DO ANYTHING!"
Or maybe something less dramatic like "Man. That sucks. What happened?"
It's going to take some good pie to get over this one.
With all his new free time, maybe Jerry will share one with us.
I will miss you Jerry Sloan.


  1. I actually found out about this as I was walking behind a couple at school. The girl got a text, burst into tears and collapsed into the arms of her boyfriend, crying "No!!! Jerry Sloan is retiring!!!" It was tragic.

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