Thursday, February 10, 2011

I posted this once and it got deleted so just be grateful its even here.

Oh dear.
It has been over a week since the best day of my life and I am barely blogging about it.

I go through days and weeks where I just don't feel clever at all. Weeks where I have five papers and three tests to take and blogging just somehow gets pushed to the end of the list.

That was last week.

And this is my blog post: (written to the tune of Casablanca, which I am currently watching with Jessica Marshall who got engaged this weekend and took a step towards being boring and married. ;) Congrats Marshie!)

This is my brother Jordan. A few of you may have met him.

He is my best friend and last weekend he also got engaged. (check the bling on his little finger) Last Friday I went with him to Salt Lake City to pick up this ring.

Best parts of the trip:

1. Having everyone at Shane Co. jewlers thinking I was the bride-to-be. Reminded me of high school when everyone thought we were either dating or twins (as if those were the only options) causing me to throw up in my mouth on a daily basis.

2. Getting stuck in Salt Lake because we couldn't leave with the ring because of a mix-up, and we couldn't leave without the ring because of Jordan not wanting to part from it. A little bit precious. A little bit annoying. A little bit my boss being really mad at me for being late for work.

3. Jordan yelling "I'VE. GOT. AN. ENGAGEMENT RIIIIING!!!!" all the way home.

**I would like to take the time now to point out that just because all major people in my life are either engaged, married or pregnant, does not mean that YOU should consider being one of these. Someone has to stick it out with me. Unless you are already one of these. In that case, carry on.

The next morning found Jessica Esplin and me standing in a line of 200 people (girls) outside of Plato's closet for their semi-annual Grab-bag Sale.
If you want to know what it was like being in a small space with such absurd levels of estrogen and discounts, take some vinegar and some baking soda, go outside...

...and blow them up using explosives. It was nuts.

We came out with over $70 worth of clothes for $10 even, and a few handfuls of missing hair from the cat fight.

If I'm being selfish, this next part was the best part of this day.

I could go into a long story about how I have had a sweepstakes e-mail account for this very reason for over two years now, or how I had almost a weird obession with accomplishing this goal, but I'm just going to go straight to the point.

I won an Ipod.

In front of 22,000 people. Including Jimmer. (Okay, maybe he was actually in the locker room but I know he heard me.)

Thanks to this dream being accomplished I now have a new mental complex that I have to add to a long list of personal quirks.

I now have the belief that I can, and should, get anything that I really want for free, as long as I am willing to wait long enough and make friends with people who can hook me up. (love you Kait!)

The question is, how do I make friends with someone who can hook me up with a decent trip back to Europe. Because that is next on the list. That or a good steak.
Part Three of the day: More Jimmer crossovers. More Jimmer obsession. Routine.
Still on a high from my Ipod snag, I headed over to Jordan's place after the game to set up for the big dinner.
This dinner was meant to fake her out so it had to look as proposal-esque as possible.
My tastes are a bit eclectic so it wasn't your traditional candlelit dinner, but with the help of his creative roommates I think it turned out alright.
After that it was off to decorate HER apartment with the actual BIG surprise: A giant diamond ring!
Who saw that coming?
(It IS gorgeous though...)

There was some knee bending, some tears, some toasts, and a lot of these kind of smiles...
We were proud sisters.
Though proposals are cheesy, there is something so sweet about planning to ask someone to spend the rest of forever with you.
At the risk of sounding like one of those "I blog for posterity" types of bloggers, I am going to say a few things.
I am glad he picked Laura.
I am glad she said yes.
And most of all, I am glad I won an Ipod.
I have priorities.


  1. CONGRATS ON YOUR IPOD! oh, and all the other good stuff.

  2. a few things.
    a. i'm glad you posted about the engagement. it was on the list of things that we needed to talk about.
    b. YAY so glad you accomplished a life goal and even happier that that picture of us is really cute.
    c. i'd love to go to europe with you.
    d. what is that plato's closet grab bag sale?? please teach me.