Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Alone.

It has been a quiet day in Kensington #7.
The roomies are all off celebrating this Presidential holiday with "boys" (suckers) and I have become the neglected child left at home to ponder the fact that we haven't owned a working vacuum in over eight months.
I have been taking full advantage of this alone time by doing things like:
1. Dishes
2. Crocheting with my fingers because I can't find my crochet hook and want to make something with my weird amount of excess yarn.
3. Spilling water on the floor, cleaning it up and getting a new glass, then spilling it on the floor again. (Our floor may not be vacuumed but it is well scrubbed by now)
4. watching sports center
5. watching CNN
6. NOT watching Say Yes to the Dress
7. Blogging (Obvious)
This long weekend marks the renewal of my soccer obsession.
From November to February there usually isn't too much opportunity for me to play soccer. The main reason for this is the fact that I live in a place colder than the hearts of people who hate Jimmer Fredette. However, on Saturday I had a lot of forfeited games on the field I was supervising and had a chance to play a bit of pick-up soccer and remember why there is nothing better on this earth.
Except for maybe this. (which is also soccer, just a better form of it. That goal is incredible.)
Other things from the past few days:
My little brother with Beiber hair. According to my mother 8th grade girls at his school love it.
I'll fight them.
My incredible Grandparents at a BYU alumni banquet where my Grandpa was honored for his outstanding community service.
(Not the kind a judge gives you.
Cindy visiting. We had a good chat about how we don't want to date any boys except for Zac Efron.

Casey and I staying up until 3 a.m one night and 1:30 a.m. the next to make these face curtains.
Idea: Casey's.
Sewing Machine: Mine
We make a good team.
(Yes, that face is made from scraps of fabric. Not printed on there.)

Who doesn't want to wake up to some black angry-face curtains?
Happy President's Day.
God Bless America.

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  1. poor neglected child. i sorry that we left you along on presidents day! but i'm glad the carpets got scrubbed by your water glasses. hahahahahaha i love your blog so much.