Sunday, April 24, 2011

When you read this post pretend Vitamin C is playing in the background...

I'm going to start off on a super random note because I just watched the craziest video.

Why are we not freaking out more about parrots?
I mean, they are the craziest things! Watch this and try and not agree with me. If a human imitated things like this, Oprah would keep her show going just to host them.

I feel like we should all be running around all the time going "OH MY GOSH. THEY ARE SOOOOO CRAZY!"

Maybe this is a weird way to start off this post, but I just feel like all of us have gotten so used to seeing these crazy/weird things on the internet that we forget to realize that THAT BIRD IS TALKING!?!?!?!!

Think about it.

I think I have spent way too much time on my couch this weekend thinking about weird YouTube videos.

Lets get to the important part of this post.

I graduated.

Kind of.

Technically I still have to take a spring term class, and I will actually be sticking around for two more whole years for grad school.

But if you don't count all that stuff, then I did! Look:

I graduated with my brother Jordan. But we're not twins. Or married like the announcer at graduation thought. Gross.
This is us ringing the victory bell. When you graduated from the college that has been ranked America's #1 Most Stone Cold Sober school every year for the past 12 years, there are only so many ways you can go crazy and celebrate.
Like a giant chime.
Or graduation robes that show my ankles.
Or...nope. That's about it.

Sea of blue.
I might have gotten emotional or something embarrassing.
I really do love BYU.

And, as always (I've graduated twice now), graduation comes with goodbye's.
Because my brother Jordan is sticking around Provo and the rest of my friends are too lazy to graduate on time (okay, okay, I had a short major), I didn't have too many of them.
(That sentence sounds deceiving if you read it fast. I meant that I didn't have a lot of goodbye's, not a lot of friends. Even though I don't have a lot of friends either, that is not something I'm willing to discuss on my blog.)
I would like to give a shout out to this kid though:

Him, Mr. Chris Aguilar and Miss Aly Pineda (soon to be Mrs. Larsen!) are the only ones who have stuck out all four years with me here in Provo.

I love them all

Ryan is off to New York in a few weeks for graduate school and I'm so excited for him, even if I'm nervous to not have him around as the mediator between Chris and me when we fight over major moral dilemmas like whether or not he should have an ongoing crush on that girl with the blonde chunk in her bangs.

My vote is no.

We'll miss you Ryan.



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