Friday, April 8, 2011


I have the worst concentration skills.

I have been planning for months to do a 100th

And then I got really excited about the whole fake-thesaurus thing, and forgot that my next post was THE 100.


I only just figured this out because Jessica Marshall and I just spent three hours sitting in my living room waiting for Jimmer to be on Jimmy Kimmel. I had never actually watched Jimmy Kimmel before until the whole Brandon Davies fiasco, and, after Mr. Kimmel's super offensive remarks about my school and my religion, I swore to never watch again.

However, Jimmer just has a way of melting my heart and getting me to do things that I swore I would never do again (cry in public, skip a Saturday afternoon nap, fall in love...) and so, I watched.

He was on screen for about sixty seconds total, sitting next to Kemba Walker in a blue checkered shirt that was so precious he could have been on his way to OZ with Dorothy herself.

Now that I have the Jimmer fix I have been craving since the tournament ended, I am ready to drop dead into bed.

Sorry this post isn't more exciting. Late night shows really take it out of me.

Happy 100th birthday Blog.

Here's to the next 100.



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  1. haha really it was that short? i didn't see it, was it anything special?