Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A quick little anecdote.

I have become a big fan of a website called "" Do your best to NOT check it out because it is super addicting. Essentially it is a website that catalogs your interests and takes you to new sites that coincide with what you like. One of my most recent "stumbles" took me to a page called "SYNONYM FINDER?!?!?! THE REVOLUTIONARY SITE THAT WILL TRANSFROM YOUR WRITING!!!?!!" The site boasted a new technique that involved typing in a word that you use too often, then waiting for the synonym finder to spit back out words you could use to replace that word, making your writing less redundant. I thought "What a great idea!" "I am a writer! I need this! Who is the genius who thought of this???" Then I looked over at my bookshelf, and saw my thesaurus. Oh internet, you are so tricksy. Especially at 1 a.m. Goodnight Readers. Love, Katie

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