Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heads up: That wolf is fake.

This picture is indicative of the weekend.

Erin: "Man, that is one scary dog."

Broc:"Yeah...and the wolf is scary too."

Thanks Broc.

Broc and Erin were in town for the weekend, along with a bunch of other friends from home, including Chuck (I guess it's Brooks on his official records, Chuck to the rest of us), who is one of my best friends from high school but lives in Rexburg, Idaho where his only roommate is Satan because nobody else is willing to live in such a freezingly miserable place.

Friday was April Fool's. Fool

I woke up that morning to a text from my Dad that said "Jimmer just announced he is going to play in Europe instead of the NBA."

I got up so fast I beat my "time-it-takes-me-to-get-out-of-bed"record.

(Previous record: 24 min.)

By the time I ran into Marsh's room to tell her the news, it hit me that I had been April fooled.

Which was slightly dissappointing because I was just waiting for one more excuse to move back to Europe, and Jimmer-love would have pushed me over the edge.

Because I was so busy paper-writing the rest of the day, the only other real prank I got around to was when Erin and I hid all of the Jessica's food in the oven, which totally backfired on us the next morning when we woke up early wanting to make German pancakes and had to clean it all out ourselves before either of them noticed.

You know things are bad when you essentially April fooled yourself.

The second best part of the weekend was the fact that the Jessica's didn't know Erin was coming, and we totally surprised them when they got home Friday night.

Happiness ensued. The first best part of the weekend was the fact that I got to watch General Conference and take some time to really think about my life and how I can improve it. The list is extensive. If you would like to do the same you can go here to learn what its all about, and on Wednesday all of the talks should be posted for your viewing pleasure. Those good men and women sure are reassuring.

In between sessions on Saturday Erin and I went shopping in the sunny weather. Here are some pictures that are similar because they both involve something on my eyes and geez I have been an English major so long I feel like I have to find themes in everything and man that is annoying and yes I wrote this as a run-on sentence to combat the idea that just because I am an English major I am way into grammar.

Because I'm not. T.J.Maxxxxxx looking for a bridal shower gift for Esplin. Forever XXI looking for summer gifts for ourselves. We shop cheap because Erin is married now and has to think of others (a husband) and because I am cheap and have to think of my waning bank account that, contrary to popular belief, does not actually care how cute I look.

Final funny story: It snowed again last night. I just wrote a paragraph about how if it snows one more time this month I will personally light the entire city of Provo on fire just to see it all melt, but I deleted it so you wouldn't know I'm that dramatic. I was walking out to my car tonight and opened my drivers door to find my scraper and start the defrost. As I was leaning across the front seat to turn the car on, I remembered a second too late that I had my windshield wipers on from last night's rain. In one fell swoop (literally) an entire windshield of snow got swept all over my hair, my back and the inside of my car.

I take it back, I'm lighting Provo on fire. Even though it really was a little bit funny.

The weekend was good to me. I hope it was good to you too.

Love, Katie

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  1. Loved your snow mishap. Similar story I have that I want to share with you. I went outside to leave at about 1 pm when a lot of the snow was beginning to melt. I was getting my scraper out of my trunk when all the snow from the tree above decided to melt enough to fall off the branches onto me. I started to scream as it all plopped onto me and I literally crawled into my trunk for cover. Then this girl that I knew passed by and asked what I was doing. Duh, was weird/funny.