Monday, December 6, 2010

It's fine. It really is.

I have three best girl friends.
And in the last month, within a two week time span:
One got engaged (and boy are they a happy couple)
One got married (and boy are they a beautiful couple)

And one got pregnant (after being engaged, and married. And boy am I not the happy father, I just don't have a picture of the real father on my computer)
Major life changes.
I hear those happen to people.
For one second I was feeling a little left out of the group, until I realized I've undergone some recent major life changes of my own.
Or at least I was sure I had. I just had to think of them.
So, here is my list, none of which involves stressful party planning, having to live with a boy or morning sickness.
1. I cut my bangs on Sunday, all on my own.
2. I've only watched one episode of 30 Rock this week.
Who am I kidding? I always cut my own bangs, and I caught up on all five seasons of 30 Rock so there was only one episode to watch this week.
So my life is slightly less exciting than my three best friends?
I'll live.
I still made a Navajo gingerbread house at a Relief Society activity tonight.
I still just spent the last three minutes contemplating who decided we should use our left hand to type the "b" on a keyboard instead of our right. (It's exactly in the middle! What a conundrum!)
See guys?
Crazy things happen to me too!
The only difference is, nobody throws me a shower to commemorate the fact that I vacuumed my apartment for the first time in a month.
Though it really would be nice if they would. It would also be nice if, for that shower, they would bring us vacuum bags so we don't have to keep borrowing our neighbors vacuum every month or so.
I guess what I'm really trying to say is,
Congrats Aly, Erin and Jenna.
Don't think I'm buying your husbands Christmas presents too, just because you're related to them now.


  1. Oh my Jenna is going to be a mommy, how fun. Congrats to all, and Katie I don't know if I have ever said anything, but I love your posts. Do you know when Jenna is due?

  2. Oh thanks Becky. You're too nice. :) and She's due at the end of July! So exciting huh?

  3. what JENNA is having a baby! that is crazy good.