Thursday, December 16, 2010

I started this post four days ago.

It's late.
And by late I mean really late.
And by really late I mean I've slept three hours in the past 48 and I also wrote a 15 page paper today in a 13 hour time period.
As a matter of fact, what in the world am I doing blogging at this hour?

-------------(The next day. Because I went to bed.)---------------------

I got on blogger and typed this ^^^ the day after.
And now, it is the next, next day, and after getting a total of nine hours of sleep in four days and driving home in a snowstorm last night, I just woke my Santa Clara, 3:30 in the afternoon.


I do this every time I come home after finals week. It feels like the weight of the whole semester just hits me once I finally have a second to breathe and think about how little I slept, how much junk I ate, and how many hours I spent reading 16th century British Literature and thinking about how nobody cares that so-and-so's dad won't let them marry their boyfriend because he isn't Lord of Worcheshire (possibly the name of a sauce instead of a place in Britain.)
They probably should have thought about that before you decided to be born in the 1700's.
The great thing about today's world is nearly anyone can marry anyone.

For example, despite the fact that we are from slightly different social classes, and were born over a whole decade apart, my Dad is totally down with me marrying Adrian Grenier.

Right Dad?
Right World?


So here I am, on Christmas break.

I have spent 17/24ths of my day in bed (which, if you know me you know is a dream for me. I love my bed more than almost anything) and have already made four dozen cookies and read half a book.

It doesn't seem like things can get much better, but if they do, I'll let you know...

...I'm going to have plenty of time for blogging this break.

It's a Christmas miracle.


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